Pros and Cons of Electric Smoker

Pros and Cons of Electric Smoker

MasterBuilt Electric SmokerThere are several different types of smokers and the type that you choose will determine how much energy and effort you will need to place into your barbecuing. Smokers can be somewhat expensive, so it is a good idea to do some research before committing to one. Be sure to choose the best style that will fit with your lifestyle and time constraints.

There are a few different types of smokers. Charcoal smokers use the steam created from heated charcoal to cook the food. You can also place wood with the charcoal to give the meat a unique taste. Another smoker option is propane. Propane smokers heat wood placed in the smoker which in turn cooks the meat. A pan catches the drippings created from the meat which can be used to make gravies or sauces. Electric smokers are also a popular choice. These smokers work similar to propane smokers but instead use electric to fuel the heating process.

There are many pros and cons of electric smokers. Firstly, electric smokers are relatively easy to use. With other types of smokers, you are required to monitor the meat as it cooks, but with an electric smoker you can set the temperature and let it cook overnight without constant monitoring. You will not need to light charcoal or to check the fuel every few hours as with other smoker options.

However, some people feel that electric smokers do not offer the same taste quality of other types of smokers. It is thought that the flavor not only comes from the wood that you place in your smoker, but from the heat source as well.

Other pros and cons of electric smoker is they also use a lot of amps to operate. This may cause issues with the electric box that you run the smoker from and require you to make some repairs that could be a bit expensive. However, smokers use electric at a lower rate than what it costs to purchase charcoal.

Electric smokers are also excellent at helping meat to retain moisture. They have very small vents that helps to maintain the temperature inside the smoker. However, for meats that are best with a crispy coating, you would be best opting with a different smoker type.

Electric smokers can also be a bit more expensive than other options. Although there are models that are in a lower price range, most electric smokers will be above the one hundred and fifty dollar mark. You will also be required to purchase a special extension cord in order to not overload your electric box. However, most electric smokers are smaller in size and therefore are perfect for small spaces.

There are many pros and cons of electric smoker, so be sure to conduct research before purchasing one. Purchasing a smoker can be an expensive investment so don’t rush into making a purchase. Weigh the pros and cons of electric smoker carefully before making your final decision and learn all that you can before operating one.


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