Using barbecue smoker tools correctly

Using barbecue smoker tools correctly

Using barbecue smoker tools correctlyIt is undoubtedly that the ability to use the barbecue smoker tools correctly is an art that leads to an extraordinary barbecue. If you have a mastery of the use of all the smoking accessories, you will make a mouth-watering barbecue that your guest, family or barbecue judge will keep referring to. So what is the best ways to use your barbecue smoker tools?

Numerous people who enjoy barbecuing will mention to you different ways to use barbecue smoker tools. However, there are general ways that will make your barbecuing experience safe and fascinating.

Here are some of the ways:

  • Clean Tools
  • Smoke in open space
  • Regulate the temperature
  • Applying a mob

Clean Tools

The first way it to keep your smoking accessories clean at all time. Clean smoker tools will ensure clean and safe cooking. When buying new smoker tools or any other accessory used in barbecuing, wash them well before using them. Such cleaning will remove any grease, oil or metal shavings from the store and the manufacturing process. Also, it is important that after using the smoker tools, you clean them and store them properly.

Smoke in open space

Having cleaned your smoker tools, it is time to barbecue your favorite food. Where should you do it and why? You should use your smoker tools in place with free air flow. Avoid using your smoker took in the kitchen or garage especially is you are using charcoal and wood as a source of energy.

Burning produces toxic gases such as carbon monoxide that are harmful and even lethal is in large quantity. In any case, have adequate air flow if you insist on doing your barbecuing in a closed place.

Have all the doors and windows opened if possible but the best way is to do your cooking outside. It is not only safe, but it is also fun.

Regulate the temperature

You have cleaned your smoker tools and moved to a well-aerated place. Regulate the temperature in the smoker properly. Unlike grills, that cook food with a high temperature of approximately 400 to 500 degree Fahrenheit, smokers cook food in a moderately low temperature, approximately 250 degree Fahrenheit.

Proper regulation of the temperature will ensure not only great taste, but also the time spent barbecuing. The more time you open the smoker, the longer the meat will take to tender.

According to how you prefer your meat cooked, the preferred temperatures are 140° F that is Rare, 145° F  is medium rare, 155 ° F is medium, 160° F is medium well, and 165° F plus is Well.

Applying a mob

Finally, to keep the meat moist during the process of cooking applies a mop. A mop is regularly a fluid or sauce that is more slender than a BBQ Sauce you apply to the meat amid the smoking procedure. It might be as straightforward as some squeezed apple blended with water, or it could be more advanced.

The mop serves to keep the meat sodden. To minimize the heat getting away when you open the Smoker, apply the mop when turning the meat as well as adding wood or charcoal   to the Smoker.


Enjoy these methods of using the smoker tools by ensuring your tools are clean, working in a properly aerated place, regulate the temperature of the smoker and applying mob to keep your meat moist.

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