The Best Meat to Smoke

The Best Meat to Smoke

Sometimes it’s hard to know what recipe you want to choose to carry out even with a list of recipe guides. It can be even harder to simply choose what kind of meat to smoke. We all like a good steak, right? Pork tenderloin? A nice roast? Well, these meats do not belong in a smoker of any kind. If you were thinking about smoking a steak, stop right now. The purpose of a smoker is to cook the meat very slowly. Because of this slow process, the fats in the meat are broken down and make delicious, moist meat. This means that if you put in a leaner piece of meat, the fats will be broken down quickly and the moisture will disperse. The best kind of meat to smoke with a quality electric smoker is the tougher meats that have a tougher quality, which allows the smoking process to slowly soften and sweeten the meat.

Common type of meat for smoking

Because of this, there are a few meats that are commonly smoked. The table below shows some of the type of meat that are popular among food smokers:

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These meats cover a large spectrum. That’s because mostly any cut of meat, no matter how bad, will taste stupendous when it comes out of the smoker. This is due to the slow tenderizing process in the smoker. However, there are a few meats that are very difficult to mess up. These meats also happen to make the best meats to smoke. They are, in no particular order:


Salmon is the best of the fishes to smoke because of its fatty characteristics. As we said before, the fattiest of the meat contributes to the delicious flavour after smoking.

Beef Brisket

You’ve got to be patient when smoking beef brisket. With the right rub/marinade and a lot of time, you can get the best brisket you’ve ever eaten. But beware; it can take up to a full 24 hours to smoke. This is because of the condition of the fat inside the brisket.

Pork Shoulder

This meat is best for beginners because it is the most difficult to botch up. The fat content is somewhere in the middle of dripping-with-lard and lean-as-a-lettuce. It’s also fairly inexpensive, so when you mess it up the first time you’re smoking, you won’t lose too much money.

All meat can be smoke

Although there are a lot of meats that would taste great after being smoked (virtually anything and everything), those that I have listed here are the best in terms of practicality from my own experience smoking with my trusted Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker – voted as the top electric smoker on Amazon!

With this information, hopefully you will be able to choose the perfect meat for you to smoke.

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