Napoleon Prestige Propane Grill Review

Napoleon Prestige Propane Grill Review

If you are looking for a top of the line, premium quality barbecue, your search is over. The Napoleon Prestige Propane Grill with rear and side infrared burners, doors made of stainless steel, and rolltop lid is here. It includes four burners made of stainless steel which produce a total of up to 48 000 BTUs. For the price, the quality and all of the included features cannot be beaten. Compared to other similar grills in the price range, this model is more attractive, is made of higher quality stainless steel, and has a better warranty. Additionally, the Napoleon Prestige Propane Grill is manufactured in the United States and Canada, which many buyers take as a mark of excellent workmanship. There is a similar model available for about $500 less, but this model does not include all of the features as the Napoleon such as lined doors, different shelves on the side, a larger cooking area, and a stainless steel vs cast iron grid over the sear burner.

Reviews from recent buyers of the Napoleon Prestige Propane Grill indicate that assembly is time consuming but fairly easy. Reviews are generally in consensus that the assembly process takes several hours, not because assembly is difficult but just because there are many parts to screw together. It is generally recommended not to assemble alone as at least two people are required to do lifting, etc. It is also recommended to buy their cover and extra grease pans.


Pros of Napoleon Prestige Propane Grill

  1. Heat control
  2. Searing station
  3. Overall look


The heat control is outstanding. This grill heats up very quickly and evenly. Rear infrared burners are great.

The searing station is excellent. Rear burner comes complete with a “restaurant quality” rotisserie kit. This is a grill that can really do anything- you can do everything from searing to slow roasting with the Napoleon Prestige Propane Grill. External side burner is great- several reviewers preferred it over an integrated one, as they find it easier to sear the meat there and then move items to the main grill. Another reviewer pointed out that this feature could also be used to cook food in pots that would normally create an odor in the house.

Lots of little extras you won’t find on your everyday run of the mill barbecue- back lit controls, towel bar, hooks for tools, a roll top lid, etc. It’s just a very stylish, sleek looking grill.

Cons of Napoleon Prestige Propane Grill

  1. One reviewer had an issue with a burner.
  2. Hefty price tag

After the first time using it, one reviewer discovered an issue with the main burner. Gas flow between the burners was uneven, so the manufacturer was contacted. Customer service was extremely helpful and the customer was sent a complete burner replacement and valve system. Napoleon even requested the customer return the broken components so they could study them closely to determine if it was an isolated issue or a flaw in the design. No further issues were reported with the grill and the excellent customer service can be added to the ‘pro’ list as well.

The Napoleon Prestige Propane Grill is also on the pricier side, which could be a deterrent for some. However, this product is exceptionally high quality and is built to last. You will get many, many years of grilling deliciousness for your money.


Looking at the price could give you some initial sticker shock, but do your research. This is a top notch grill. Quality, finish, and performance are all superior to any other similar product on the market. If any issues are encountered with this grill, the customer service department is a pleasure to work with. If one goes by reviews left by satisfied users, the Napoleon Prestige Propane Grill is an investment that will last for many years to come.

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