Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill Review

Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill Review

Weber 47510001 Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill

This Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill is a deep black that will look great on the patio or back deck. It is a decent size- the barbecue itself is sixty three inches, by fifty two inches, by thirty two inches. This is a natural gas barbecue, so you need to have gas piping out to your deck or patio if you are considering of getting this grill. There are two side tables, one on either side that can be removed to make the BBQ more compact for storage.

The hose is about half an inch wide and ten feet long. It is easy enough to assemble and didn’t take too long, although the instructions were a bit short on words and heavy on pictures. Amazon reviews state that it took owners of the Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill an average time of an hour and forty minutes to assemble to whole thing, although it was not overly difficult and just a bit time consuming.

Other Great Features

The Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill comes with the porcelain enameled Flavorizer bar system, which cover burners in order to provide more even heat distribution and prevent drippings from causing flare ups. The smoking and sizzling from the drippings add flavor to the food, and drippings not used by the flavorizer bars are funneled away from the burner tubes. As far as grease management, once it is funneled away it goes to a removable tray that is easy to clean. The lid is nice and heavy and keeps the heat inside, with a handle that stays cool. The grill area isn’t huge, but it’s big enough for most day to day grilling (even big enough to fit a turkey!). There are 424 square inches of grilling area, plus 105 square inches of warming area for a total cooking area of 529 square inches.

Pros of Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill

  1. Cast iron porcelain enameled grill
  2. Good size, stores easily
  3. Easy assembly

Cast iron porcelain enameled grill is great- very high quality. No seasoning of the grill is required. It heats up quickly and heat is distributed evenly. Numerous reviewers on Amazon remarks that the Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill is to thank for the best steak they have ever eaten. Grill marks on the steak are very attractive…it’s the little things like this that can set a BBQ apart. The whole thing is fairly easy to clean as well.

A very good size and the foldable tables are a great feature so this BBQ can be stored in smaller areas, apartment balconies, etc.

Assembly is easy enough, and the instructions are good.

Cons of Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill

  1. Awkward storage options
  2. Flavorizer bars set far apart

No shelf or drawer in the interior lower part of the barbecue. There are outer hooks, but some reviewers did not find the placement of them very convenient as tools dripped onto the patio, and they had to be removed before putting a cover on the BBQ. If left out, tools got caught up in the cover and rubbed against it. One reviewer suggested moving the hooks to the front of the BBQ so they did not rub up against the cover.

Other reviewers found the flavorizer bars to be set a bit far apart, so when grilling things such as sausage or bratwurst some of the drippings missed the bars and completely.

Summary of Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill

The Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill is a great option for smaller areas, apartment balconies, etc since it can be stored compactly. Assembly is not complicated. If you are looking for a solid, high quality grill with a high quality grate that gets hot fast, stays hot, has a nice heavy lid and grills a great steak, then this barbecue fits the bill. It is a good looking and high quality appliance that should last many years.

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