Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker Review

Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker Review

Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker

The Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker is created by the Landmann Company. This smoker’s dimensions are 20 inch x 22 inch x 33 inch. So, as you can see it’s a pretty good size for any meat that you might like to cook. It’s even big enough for you to smoke a whole chicken at one go.

This smoker is nice and perfect if you don’t have a lot of room because it is a vertical smoker. These generally take up less space because the volume is all directed upwards instead of being spread out among a larger footprint. This smoker, made by the Landmann Company, is good for parties or get-together because it has a nice look to it and is aesthetically pleasing.

There are a lot of good things about this electric smoker which includes the beautiful design. However good looks alone won’t persuade you to buy it. Thus, we are also going to highlight some bad things about Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker to help you make the right decision. Let’s start by listing the plus point…

The Good

There are many awesome features in/on this electric smoker that any cook could appreciate. It is very user friendly so you can cook with the kids. If you don’t have kids, feel free to use this around your friends and impress them with your seemingly immense knowledge of smokers. While you do that, you can also wow them with delicious meats, veggies, or cheeses (but let’s be honest – mostly meats).

Awesome Features Of This Electric Smoker

Plenty of space

With a fairly bigger dimensions and the fact that it is a vertical electric smoker gives this smoker an advantages in term of space available to smoke food. You will notice that you are able to insert more food at any one time with the Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker.

High-quality production

Landmann is a trusted and reliable manufacturer. This company have been known to produce high-quality products and the vertical electric smoker is a prime example of quality product by them.


The Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker was designed to withstand heavy usage and rough treatment. You can accidentally knock onto this electric smoker and be assured that it wont tumble.

Aesthetically pleasing

Unlike many electric smoker, this model is aesthetically pleasing and will not be a sore sticking out of your backyard or your home. You can actually place it anywhere in your backyard without it looking out of place.


This is a major plus point for this electric smoker. Unlike other smoker, the Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker are designed in a vertical position which allows for more room and flexibility for the users.

Can hold net weight of 60 lbs.

As it has a bigger dimension thus bigger space, it is able to take in more food at any given time. The maximum load, in this case for the smoker is 60 lbs.


It is equipped with wheels so you can move it around easily without having to carry it around the house when you want to use it. This eliminate all the hassle that you have to go through if you purchase a smoker without wheels.

LCD display screen

There is a built-in LCD display for you to keep track of all the necessary stats such as the temperature and the time the food has been in. This is a luxury feature of this electric smoker.

Thermostat equipped!

Last but not least, this smoker is equipped with a thermostat so you can monitor closely the temperature of your food and prevent from any overcooked food.

The Bad

As we said, there are also some downsides to this smoker. It is a very good option for many cooks, but some features might annoy certain particular smoked foods cooks. It’s important to point these out for you so that you can make the best possible decision.

Not-so-awesome Features Of This Electric Smoker

Very small water pan

The water pan in this model is significantly smaller than other models and you will have to refill it if you are smoking foods for longer periods of time. Also, you need to constantly monitor as you do not want the pan to run out of water for a long period as it could affect your food and smoker.

Short cord

The cord is only about 1 yard long so you will have to do your smoking near a power cord and most probably that will have to be indoor. If you’re smoking outdoors, you might want to use an extension cord (but check the manufacturer’s manual first!)

Shipping problems

Some customers from have said they have had shipping issues, where their smoker had a defect of some kind. This might happen as this smoker is slightly bigger than a normal smoker thus the likelihood of it getting damage is higher. However, this problem can be resolve with Amazon.

Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Smoker Review

Although this smoker has a deficiency here and there, it’s a very good smoker! I highly recommend this smoker for any cook, even if you’re a persnickety one. The negative points are so overpowered by the positive that they’re easy to overlook (or solve). A great choice!





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