Landmann Vertical Electric Smoker Review

Landmann Vertical Electric Smoker Review

Landmann vertical electric smoker is one of its kinds which make slow smoking of your food, a very easy process. They are totally user friendly and can be handled easily, even if you are a novice in the field of food smoking. This smoker comes in very handy at the time of any outdoor barbecue party, as this will cook and smoke bulk food all at once, without you having to worry much about anything. We will discuss more about the features of this product below.

Technical specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 21.7 x 20.2 x 32.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 75 pounds
  • Size: 32 Inch

Product features

Landmann vertical electric smoker is very easy to use, especially more because of its features like LCD display, with the help of which you can set the internal temperature and cooking time for the dish. The equipment also comes with a push button which starts the smoker immediately without any kind of hassles.

You can smoke all kinds of meat, sausage, brisket, chicken, pork, vegetables and cheese in the vertical smoker.

The smoker comes with chrome plated, four smoking racks. Each of these racks has capacity to hold 15 pounds of meat which means you can cook a total of 60 pounds of food all at once. The total cooking area you get is 768 square inches.

The base of this Landmann vertical electric smoker has a 800 watt heating element made of stainless steel, with the help of which you can cook your food in as low as 100 degree temperature to as high as 275 degree of temperature. With the help of meat temperature probe, you can even check the internal temperature of meat and adjust heat accordingly.

The internal side of cooking chamber is insulated which stores heat within the chamber and you will thus be able to smoke the food even in extreme child weather outside, as heat will not escape out from inside the chamber.

In the inside you will find three different drawers called as water pan, grease pan and wood chip box. The water pan allows damp smoking of food, grease pan collects any kind of gravy and drippings from the food kept on racks and the wood chip box allows you to fill the fuel chamber without you having to open the main door of the smoker. The drawers are made of aluminum steel.

Cooking chamber comes with a magnetic door closing system with big handles. These systems make the process of opening and closing of various cambers and drawers easy. The smoker comes with damper vent which is protected by plastic guard. When you go for damp smoking, wherein you decrease the level of smoke and increase the level of moisture in food, then the guard ensures that too much of steam is not built inside the smoker.

You can even move your smoker out with the help of inbuilt wheels at the bottom of the smoker. In the exterior you will find wooden handles for a safe and easy handling of the smoker.

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