Water Based Electric Smoker

Water Based Electric Smoker

Brinkmann Smoke-N-Grill Electric Smoker and GrillThere are many different kinds of electric smokers. Here we will discuss more about the water or the wet kind of electric smoker. There are many advantages and disadvantages but the advantages probably outweigh the disadvantages

How does it work?

Water based electric smoker has a small pan where you place the water or any liquid like beer, wine, fruit juices or even colas to add to the flavor. You can even put spices in the water because as the liquid boils, the smoke rises and the flavor goes with it and it goes to your meat, allowing the meat to absorb it.

Advantages of Water-based Electric Smoker

Less Pricey

A huge advantage is that the water based electric smoker is less expensive; however, it depends on the model or the brand. But you do not need real expensive ones if you know how to take care of your product. The meat will always be juicy as there is no possibility for the meat to become dry, due to the water vapors moistening it.

Adding more flavor to the meat

You can also use the drippings that fall back into the water and base your meat with it to make it taste better. In addition, you can also add wood chips or pellets soaked in the water. When you add cedar, apple, maple wood chips, it will give the meat a nice taste and smell.

Portable and easy to handle

Some water based smokers are also portable so you could use them inside your house. There are usually thermostats that will regulate the temperature and it maintains it so that you would only need to check once in a while to see if the food is cooked and that the water pan does not dry out.

Disadvantages of Water-based Electric Smoker

Constant monitoring while smoking

The disadvantages are that if you forget to check the liquid in the pan, the water dries out which in turn causes the meat to burn. It will produce high dry heat and that takes less time to cook but if left too long the meat will burn.

Increased of cooking duration

Also the cooking time will take longer depending on the meat and the size but you will not regret it because the meat comes out perfectly. Liquid steam is not too high and with the moisture, the cooking is a slow process.

Cleaning up is a hassle

Another problem is the cleaning up. Cleaning up the pan can be a hassle because you have to dispose the remaining liquid that has all the juices and the fats that has dripped inside the pan. You need to throw it away in the trash but remember not to throw it into the sink as it will cause the pipes to clog. So you have to find out how to dispose it properly and where to dispose it.

In Conclusion…

So if you are after the flavor, along with the tenderness though it consumes less time, getting or using the water based electric food smoker would be just right. It consumes less time because all you have to do is put in the liquid and the pork, beef, chicken and even fish inside and turn on the heat. Wait a few minutes while it heats and when it starts to smoke you can leave it and do anything else you want to do.

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