Getting high end accessories for smoking

Getting high end accessories for smoking

High End Smoking AccessoriesIt is not enough to get a smoker but you will need to invest in high end smoking accessories, so that the smoking, grilling and cooking process becomes easier. There are a lot of accessories which comes in a combo pack with the smoker itself, and a few of them are a necessity without which the basic functions will be jeopardized. Let me share with you some of the accessories needed for your barbecue.

High end Smoking Accessories

  • Wood chips
  • Expandable smoking rack
  • Smoking stone
  • Smoker mats
  • Vinyl cover
  • Smoking hooks
  • Stainless steel smoker box

Wood chips

This is the basic fuel of any charcoal smoker. Wood chips in various flavors like apple, peach, vanilla and many more. They infuse a great taste and aroma in meat. They come in 180 cubic inches and can be easily filled in the wood tray of any smoker. They burn really hot are last for long time; you will not need to use a lot of them to produce desired results.

Expandable smoking rack

Expandable smoking rack is one of the most demanded high end smoking accessory, from among the lot. The rack comes in a size of one cubic inch with 3 support bars and 8 hooks. You can simply take out the top most rack of your smoker and insert this expandable rack in it. You can experiment with various form of cooking with the help of this accessory like roasting, and you can use hooks especially for cooking sausages. You can smoke a whole fish in the bars. The rack gets folded easily, because of which maintain them and washing them becomes easier.

Smoking stone

This accessory comes in handy when you have to cook, smoke and grill chicken and fish. The stone ensures that meat is getting properly cooked from all the corners by circulating the air around the meat. It also protects your food from coming in direct contact with heat and thus maintains the taste and tenderness of the food.

Smoker mats

Smoker mats are high end smoking accessories, with the help of which you can smoke small food pieces and vegetables very easily. The mat is made of fiberglass mess treated with silicon, and are placed above the chrome plated racks of smoker. The come handy when you wish to smoke a whole fish and vegetables. They come in a pack of two and are totally worth the cost.

Vinyl cover

It is important to protect your smoker from any kind of scratches and scuffs. For this very purpose, there are vinyl covers available for smokers. They are heavy duty covers, which protect your smoker, especially when smokers are used in outdoor barbecues.

Smoking hooks

These hooks come in a pack of four and are especially designed to hang fish and smoke them in smoker. They are made of stainless steel and are quite durable in nature. Washing them and storing them is easy as they can be washed in machines as well.

Stainless steel smoker box

If you have already grilled your food then you can use this box for infusing smoke in food. You can fill in wood chips in box and place in below the griller, and heat it. Fumes coming out of small holes on top of the box will infuse the flavor inside your grilled food.

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