How to add flavor to your barbecue meat?

How to add flavor to your barbecue meat?

How to add flavor to your barbecue meat?When you already know how to prepare your barbecue meat the next most essential step is to know how you can add flavor to the meat. A barbecue meat with no flavor is not complete and does not therefore qualify to be called a barbecue meat but don’t worry if your meat falls in that category.

This article will be of aid to you since it discusses how you can add flavor to your barbecue meat and help you to promote your meat from just a mere barbecue meat to a barbecue meat with excellent taste as well color. Try the tips of adding flavor to your barbecue meat listed below and enjoy a barbecue meat rich in flavor.

Using a rub

Rubs are applied on meat to enhance the color as well as the taste. When using rubs you should be careful not to overpower the original taste of meat.  They are categorized into two that is dry rubs and wet rubs. A dry rub is made up of spices and herbs and can either be sprinkled on the meat or applied literally on the meat. A wet rub is made up of a liquid ingredient and is coated over the meat. The advantage of a wet rub is that it sticks to the meat better.

Adding wood chips

The good news about adding wood chips is that you don’t need to have a smoker grill to enjoy the perfect flavor that originates from using wood chips. Wood chips can be added to either gas or charcoal grills. Some grills come with smoker box built right into the grill. In such cases what you have to do is to carefully read the instructions on the smoker box and follow them accordingly. Even if your grill does not have a smoker box built in you can still enjoy the flavor from wood chips and cooking outside. The most important thing to note when using wood chips is that you need the smoke and not the flame.

Mixing together some marinades

Adding some flavor to a barbecue where many people are attending is not expensive. All you have to do is to soak your meat in marinade. The end results are always awesome because aside from adding flavor to your meat the marinade also softens the meat making it very tender.


This tip can make your barbecue the most memorable one for you and your partner. You can combine all the three tips mentioned above when trying to add flavor to your meat. That is you can use a rub, add wood chips and also soak your meat in marinades at the same time. The flavor and color will be enhanced perfectly and your barbecue will be one never to forget.

Having read the article above on how to add flavor to your barbecue meat, you can now go ahead and try out some or all of the tips. If you are still hungry for more tips, check out my electric smoker guide page

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