bradley smoker bisquettes reviews

Get Tasty Chickens, Red Meats, and Veges All the Time With Bradley Smoker Bisquettes

Have you been searching for Bradley Smoker bisquettes reviews online? When I bought my Bradley smoker, I wondered which bisquettes I should use for the best results. In this article, you’ll learn everything I’ve come to find out about Bradley Smoker bisquettes.

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes ReviewsBradley bisquettes feature sweet, mild smoke flavors that give vegetables, chicken, and other meats a nice aroma. The bisquettes are made up of specific hardwoods that produce clean smoke and are easy and convenient to use.

When you put it in your smoker, it burns every 20 minutes and produces clean smoke.

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes Review

Bradley bisquettes work out perfectly with the Bradley smoker. The pucks give food a noticeable, yet not overpowering, smoke flavor. The bisquettes come in a variety of flavor that you can use, depending on the type of meat you are cooking, be it large scallops, fish, chicken, lamb, beef, pork, etc.

These pucks make smoking in the Bradley smoker extremely easy and worry-free.

They pucks work great and last long enough. Each puck burns for about 25-30mins. The puck smell great and you can taste a bit of the flavor in your food.

The only downside is that the bisquettes are quite expensive compared to plain old wood chips that a traditional smoker may use. However, when you consider the convenience that the bisquettes provide, it’s a fair trade-off in the end.

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes Flavors

Bradley smoker bisquettes come in a wide variety of flavors that give meats a nice aroma. The flavors include apple/pommier, cherry/cerisier, maple/erable, hickory, alder/aulne, beef, whiskey, mesquite, among others.

Here is a list of all Bradley Smoker puck flavors:

  • Bradley Smoker Apple Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Apple Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Cherry Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Apple Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Maple Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Maple Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Mesquite Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Mesquite Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Pecan Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Pecan Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Hickory Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Hickory Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Alder Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Alder Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Caribbean Blend Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Caribbean Blend Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Special Blend Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Special Blend Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Whiskey Oak Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Whiskey Oak Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker 5 Flavor Variety Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker 5 Flavor Variety Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Beer Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Beef Bisquettes


  • Bradley Smoker Jim Beam Bisquettes

Bradley Smoker Jim Beam Bisquettes


Bradley Smoker Bisquettes Instructions

If you want to cook tasty barbecue, then you definitely need to use bisquettes. But how should you use Bradley smoker bisquettes?

First off, Bradley smoker bisquettes are specially designed for use with the Bradly Smoker. The smoker is made to automatically add bisquettes at intervals of  20 minutes. The bisquettes are added to a small hot plate to generate smoke. When the old bisquette is used up, it is automatically dropped into a bowl of water and extinguished, and a new bisquette is put in.

So, how much bisquette will you need? To figure this out, consider your total cooking time and then divide it by 20-minute intervals.

For example, if your dish takes 3 hours (180 minutes to cook), you will need 9 bisquettes.

Cooking using bisquettes offer a great way of infusing a wonderful taste in your meat. The bisquettes come in different flavors for different foods.

Check the chart below to know what kind of flavor would go well with different foods.

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes Chart

Here is a chart showing the different meals you can cook with various Bradley smoker bisquettes:


Where to Buy Bradley Smoker Bisquettes

Bradley smoker briquettes are available at various offline and online stores. I’ve found the listings on sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Ace Hardware, Costo, Canadian Tire, Cabelas, Home Depot, eBay, Fleet Farm, Lowes, Menards, Tractor Supply, Bass Pro, among others.

What I Love

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes eliminate all unwanted smokes produced by smokers. The bisquettes are four times cleaner than normal wood chips burned in burn box or the frying pan. Each bisquette piece lasts for about 20 minutes in the smoker.

Bradley bisquettes are made from natural hardwoods that produce a sweet flavor. The bisquettes give smoked meats and vegetables an inviting aroma.

What You Should Know

  • The bisquettes are a little expensive compared to others on the market. However, these are the only recommended bisquesttes for Bradley smokers.
Read the manual for instructions on how to properly use the bisquettes. If not used correctly, you can get exposed to substances used to make the bisquettes, and end up with serious illnesses.


The Bradley smoker bisquettes can be used to cook chicken breasts, red meats, and vegetables. The product is easy to use and produces flavors that make your food taste better

If you are a real foodie and have a smoker at home, this is one BBQ accessory you will be using all the time when smoking food.


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