Masterbuilt 20101113 30 Digital Electric Smoker Stand

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker Stand Review

Masterbuilt 20101113 30 Digital Electric Smoker StandIt is difficult to change the height of most electric smokers available on the market, unless you have a proper stand. Placing the smoker on the stand makes it easy to cook foods.

One of the best stands for electric smokers is the Masterbuilt 30-inch Digital Electric Smoker Stand. The stand is perfectly designed to fit your smoker, making it easy to access.

The stand is available in different height options, which you can adjust to make your smoker convenient to use. For example, you can easily raise it to a height of about 18 inches.

The smoker accessory can be used to provide support to all types of smokers.

Masterbuilt 30-inch & 40-inch Digital Electric Smoker Stand Specs

Masterbuilt 30-Inches Masterbuilt 40-inches
Dimensions 17.72 x 18.43 x 15.75 in 23.8 x 17.7 x 15.8 in
Weight 16.3lbs 16.76 lbs
Material Type Steel Steel
Power Source Not applicable Not applicable
Color Black Black
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Masterbuilt 30-inch Features

  • Has a bottom storage shelf where you can put extra wood chips and tools
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Raises the smoker 16 inches for easier access
  • Compatible with MES 230 series
  • Fits most 30-inch Masterbuilt digital electric smokers. Supports the following models: 20070213, 20070312, 20071214, 20071314, 20071414, 20071514, 20071614, 20071714, 20072112, 20072212, 20072312, 20072414, 20072512, 20072712, 20072812, 20072912, 20100714, 20101213

Masterbuilt 40-inch Features

  • Has a bottom storage shelf where you can put extra wood chips and tools
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Raises the smoker 18 inches for easier access
  • Fits most 40-inch Masterbuilt digital electric smokers
Note: Both stands do not fit Bluetooth models, models ending with 17 or greater, or models starting with MB

The Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker Stand is made up of high-quality, sturdy steel that makes it durable. The stand can be raised to 16 inches (for the 30-inch stand) or 18 inches (for the 40-inch stand) for easy access of the smoker. You can adjust the stand to make your BBQ sessions easy.

The stand has a bottom shelf where you can store food and other essentials, such as wood chips and tools.


  • Made up of steel, which makes it very sturdy
  • Once marinated properly can be intact for several years.
  • The height can be adjusted and raised up to 16 or 18 inches quite easily
  • There is a bottom storage facility with the stand for keeping other essentials.
  • Allows you to bolt the smoker to the stand to lock it, for theft protection


  • It is not easy to move around since it doesn’t have casters
  • Does not work with all Masterbuilt smoker models. Confirm your model before ordering

Insider Tips

The Masterbuild Digital Electric Smoker stand is simple to assemble and install. The stand does a nice job of getting the smoker off the ground to a more accessible height. However, you’ll find it a huge inconvenience to move, unless you have a spot to permanently park your smoker.

However, there is an easy way of making the stand mobile. For example, you can try installing casters. However, to do so, you have to weld the mounting pads to the bottom of the legs. Another option is to mount an axle to the back with dolly wheels.

The Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker Stand is convenient and easy to use. This is a must-have electric smoker accessory, which can be placed anywhere.