What are custom BBQ grills?

What are custom BBQ grills?

Over the last decade or so, custom barbecue grills have become a huge industry.  With national and regional competitions, and the new craze of airing these competitions on television, everyone wants a custom built grill.  There are hundreds of companies that now specialize in building these custom bbq grills, and many were metal shops or experts in metal work.

These builders will create almost any type of grill or smoker that a person can imagine.  If the money is available, and the ideas are out there, it can be built.  Guys are using old cars and trucks, to building them into mobile kitchens and RV’s.  They are companies that will build a custom grill right into the tailgate of a pickup truck, for the person who loves to tailgate.

Custom artwork has become a way for the ultimate griller to express themselves on a custom bbq grill.  Favorite sports teams, names of barbecue competition teams, metal artwork, flames, giant pigs, are just a few of the endless possibilities that are available.

The more popular types of custom grills and smoker

  • Backyard smokers and grills
  • Trailer pits
  • Barrel or pipe grills

Backyard smokers and grills

Many barbecue enthusiasts who are not travelling the country in cook-offs, still want a unique and custom built grill.  For this many companies offer smaller, backyard versions of smokers and grills.  Whether it’s charcoal, propane or gas, or a traditional grill or smoker, the options are endless.

Many homeowners like to have personalized grills and smokers to show off their unique styles.  Some die hard sports fans will have their units, painted with their favorite team’s colors.  On the other hand, some people don’t care about the outside styling, but want a custom grill for their cooking preference.

Adding special side grates, rotisserie features, a second smoke chimney, are just a few options owners are adding to their smokers and grills.  Whether it’s about style and flare, or just extra cooking surface or better heat control, most custom builders can handle the build.  Many of these are either upright, cabinet designs or the more traditional horizontal rectangular design.

Trailer pits

Trailer pits are the most commonly built custom smokers and grills on the market.  These are the types of grills used in competitions.  These custom builds are built right onto a trailer, so it’s easily towed behind another vehicle.  These grills are usually larger in size than backyard grills.  The large grills seen on competition television shows are trailer pits.

Barrel or pipe grills

Barrel or pipe grills get there name from their round, barrel shape.  The smokers and grills were originally built from old, steel 50-gallon drums.  The round design allows for heat and smoke to surround the meat, creating a complete and even cook.  Many of these are designed as smaller versions of the trailer smokers.

They are great for backyard use, or for the beginner barbecue chef, who’s looking to perfect their craft before going full into competitive grilling.  These grills are usually a fraction of the price of trailer grills, but can still be customized in many ways.

Do your research before getting a custom grill

No matter what style of barbecuing or grilling is desired, there is a company that will build it.  Research is the most important factor when looking for a custom build.  The grill has to fit the buyer’s specifications exactly, including their budget.  The worst thing to do is overspend on something, or pick a grill that doesn’t meet the specifications needed, due to a lack of research.

Take your time, read customer reviews, get many quotes, and you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for what you require.  Come up with several ideas, and be flexible with your design in order to maximize your budget and desires.  If you’re not sure what you want exactly, start small.  You can always go bigger in the future. In no time you’ll be enjoying your own custom bbq grill, and grilling like the pros.

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