STX 3000 MF Megaforce Review

STX 3000 MF Megaforce Review

If you need an amazingly priced grinder that can grind meat faster than you can put it in the hopper, then you need to take a look at the STX-3000 MF Megaforce from STX International. This grinder has a patented cooling system that allows you to grind meat for hours without overheating, and it runs smoothly and quietly while you are doing it, so it’s perfect for use in any kitchen setting. This industrial strength grinder can grind through bones like they are hot butter, but at only 12 pounds, it isn’t huge and bulky like other powerful machines on the market.


The STX-3000 comes stocked with three interchangeable cutting blades. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the texture of your meat based on your preferences, and if you want to grind up a really tough piece of meat quickly, you can use more than one cutting blade at a time. Users have found that they can grind over 200 pounds of meat in an hour, and they say that they have a hard time actually feeding meat into the grinder that quickly. No job is too big for the STX-3000, but the unit is lightweight and portable enough to be practical for smaller meals as well.

Don’t be fooled by this unit’s speed and power. It was designed to run quietly and look good, so it won’t look strange sitting out in your kitchen. It gives you two grinding speeds, and if the unit does happen to jam up, you can run it in reverse to unclog it without having to take it apart.

If you need a sturdy machine that will last you a lifetime, then you really should consider the STX-3000; it’s solid and built like a tank, and all the gears inside of the machine are made out of steel, so they’ll never wear down like the cheap plastic parts that are found inside of other grinders.

The STX-3000 is easy to put together, it’s easy to maintain, it comes with three cutting blades and extra accessories for making sausage. This machine gives you industrial strength, speed and versatility; this is almost impossible to find from other grinders in the same price range.


The only really bad thing that people have to say about the STX-3000 is that you can’t use a dishwasher to clean its parts. Much like every other electric grinder on the market, you’ll have to clean it by hand, but this is pretty standard in the industry. Using strong cleaners won’t damage the parts, but it will make them look older than they are. The instruction manual that comes with this unit is only one page long, so it isn’t very detailed. The grinder itself is very intuitive, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting it up and going.

STX-3000 MF Megaforce Features

    • Only 12 pounds; measures in at 16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5 inches
    • Two grinding speeds; has the ability to run in reverse
    • Three steel cutting blades; more than one blade can be used at a time
    • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
    • 3000 Watt peak output


Is There Anything You Need To Be Aware Of When Using This Grinder?

The STX-3000 was specifically built to handle large amounts of meat; it has a built-in cooling system and strong engine that allow it to power through hundreds of pounds in an hour. Basically, this machine can take anything that you’ll throw at it. Its strong cutting blades easily slice through cooked and uncooked bones, tendons and even frozen pieces of meat.


Other grinders have trouble grinding fibrous vegetables like carrots, but this grinder will easily get through them. You can throw anything you want in this grinder, and if you somehow manage to clog it, you can run the blades in reverse to quickly unjam it without taking it apart. If you buy this grinder, you’ll find yourself trying to keep up with it instead of waiting for it to get through whatever it is that you’re grinding.

How Do You Use The STX-3000?

The great thing about this grinder is that it is very simple to use. You insert the blades, flip the switch and throw your meat into the hopper. Most people like to freeze their meat for 20-30 minutes before throwing it in the grinder; this makes it harder, and it allows the cutting blades to slice it better. This unit is powerful enough to process unfrozen meat, but it doesn’t hurt to use meat that has been in your freezer for a couple of minutes.

If you have a tough cut of meat, you can add a second cutting blade; two blades working together will easily cut through tendons, bones and anything else that you throw in the hopper. If you’re expecting a loud and clunky machine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quiet the STX runs; it does make some noise, but it’s a lot quieter than most other machines on the market.

You really don’t need to worry about how much meat you put into this grinder at one time; if it can fit in the auger, then the powerful engine and sharp cutting blades will quickly take care of it.

How Do You Care For The STX-3000 MF Megaforce ?

The STX-3000 is not dishwasher safe; if you throw its pieces in the dishwasher, the chrome will wash off, and it’ll look old and worn out. If you do happen to do this, make sure you get in touch with the manufacturer. They have an excellent reputation for customer service, and they’ll almost certainly replace the parts for you.

Use soap and warm water to wash this unit. Remove the pieces right after you use the machine, and let them soak in a bowl of warm soapy water. If you do this regularly, the meat that you grind doesn’t have a chance to harden on the removable pieces, and this makes cleaning the unit easier. After you’ve cleaned your pieces, dry them with a towel or rag to remove excess water. When you’ve done that, you can let them sit on a towel to dry off completely.stx international 3000 mf grinders

What’s Our Verdict?

You can’t beat the STX 3000 MF when it comes to power, speed and grinding. Somehow the manufacturers managed to package an industrial strength motor, metal gears and steel blades into a machine that weighs only 12 pounds, and it looks sleek and stylish in your kitchen. Its built-in cooling system means that this grinder will last forever, so we undoubtedly believe that you should consider it when buying your next grinder.


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