Should you buy a charcoal smoker?

Should you buy a charcoal smoker?

3405CLA Charcoal SmokerVertical charcoals smokers are among the best smokers in the market.They are very economical, and give best results, when in use. They give the best of performance, with the authentic smoke flavour that is required in the food.

How do charcoal smoker work?

The vertical charcoals have trays, for charcoal, and food setup. You just have to burn the charcoal in the last tray, and then arrange food, on the upper trays. The smoke comes out and the smoker is set up to optimize the heat and the smoke, according to the cooking requirement. The food is perfectly smoked, and the right traditional taste is felt while cooking in this. You need to keep checking the charcoal, and the food, so that you get perfect results.

Advantages of charcoal smoker

This is the best smoker, in the setup point of view. The most preferred smoker, in the market. It is easy to use, and does not require much of effort to smoke food inside this smoker. It is far more efficient than the huge smokers, and due to its small size and portability, it can be used anywhere, and it doesn’t take a lot of space for the setup. Huge charcoal smokers, are so complicated, and take a lot of space, almost a big space at your backyard. Anyone from your family can indulge into cooking with vertical charcoal smokers. The taste is also perfect and traditional, which is lacking in most of the smokers in the market. Being charcoal fueled, again it is the best option to choose from other models in the market. It is a perfect pick, for starter who wants to try barbeque, or food smoking. It is also a good model, for occasional cooking. It is quiet economical, so you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money, just for a barbeque setup. You can opt for a vertical charcoal smoker, without any guilt.

Some Drawbacks of charcoal smoker

Their limited temperature control is a big drawback, which is a trouble for the customers. It can work in a particular temperature, and you cannot alter it simply. Customers sometimes, find the size to be too small, and the racks are also less. So when a good amount of food has to be barbequed, it has to be done twice or thrice .One time smoking is impossible, because of its small size.

It is designed to have racks inside. To setup charcoal at the lower tray, one has to remove the upper ones. At times, the upper trays have food arranged on them, and then it gets really difficult to remove them, to reach the lower parts. This is a complete drawback. Due to its small size, it takes a whole day, if a lot of food has to be barbequed. You can certainly not serve enough people at a time, and it is a sad part for the buyers. The biggest drawback is, as you open the lid of the smoker, you lose almost all the heat at a time, and then it again takes time, to heat up, and get Smokey inside.

In summary…

So if you are the kind who love to do all the hard work before enjoying a delicious meal, then go out there and get yourself a quality charcoal smoker. But if you are the kind who stays away from all this hassle, I would recommend you to purchase an electric smoker. If you want to find out more about electric smoker, check out my comprehensive guide on the best electric smoker.

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