Nexgrill vs Weber Grills: How Do the Two Grills Compare?

Nexgrill vs Weber Grills: How Do the Two Grills Compare?

Nexgrill vs Weber Grills: which one is superior? What should you expect of them? Read on to find out.

Both Nexgrill and Weber are considered behemoths in the grill manufacturing biz, each bringing in millions of dollars in sales every year.

As two reputable and trustworthy companies, it can be difficult to choose between them.

Until now!

Getting a model that fits your needs and ethos should be easy, and that’s where we come in.

We’re here to give you the lowdown on the history and classic features of both brands, as well as platforming one of our favorite grills from each.

By highlighting each manufacturer’s most promising features and potential letdowns, our concise breakdown and product overviews should be enough to help you make your decision.

Read on and find out!

Nexgrills: Then And Now

Established in 1993 as a sales and merchandising office, Nexgrill Industries began with a simple desire – to supply the highest quality furniture for indoor and outdoor use throughout the state of California and beyond.

Nowadays, they have grown exponentially, recognized as one of the leaders in the global production of grills and accessories, whether charcoal or gas. This is done under their Nexgrill brand, as well as in conjunction with chef giants KitchenAid.

Their headquarters remain in California, despite having expanded rapidly, but they now also have offices in Hong Kong, South Africa, and Taiwan, whilst all manufacturing is conducted in mainland China.

According to their website, food culture seems to have forgotten grilling over the years, and it is their mission to return home chefs to their humble beginnings and explore ways to revitalize the backyard grilling experience.

Some of their most popular models include the Revelry 4-Burner, Evolution 5-Burner, and their newest Deluxe 6-burner grills. You’ll find pages and pages of top-quality accessories across their website, as well.

Iconic flavor intensifying features of Nexgrills include their infrared heat plates, heat zones distributed across the grill surface, dual power sources, and incredibly hot side burners. You can even customize your grid’s configuration to suit you!

Most recently, they embarked on a documentary series, looking to pedestalize those grill experimentalists who like cooking differently. Beyond The Flame is intended to showcase their stories and inspire grillers around the world. Worth a watch!

Who Are Weber Grills?

Since their founding in 1952 by George Stephen, the same innovation that produced his iconic kettlebell design has fuelled everything that Weber create, from charcoal to propane and tabletop grills.

His promise of quality is their heritage, and it lives on.

From the humble beginnings of that first barbecue to the development of gas and electric models, Weber is credited with changing the scope of grills forever. This moment can be pinpointed as the introduction of their Genesis series.

The modern version of that original kettle grill is pretty much the same as it was then, with a few contemporary upgrades. His ingenious style, inspired by the buoys at the factories where he worked, clearly stands the test of time.

Following on from this success, they also saw the introduction of the Spirit, Spirit II, and Genesis II collections, each of which manages to improve on their predecessors. Always revamping to work at the best possible standard is the Weber way.

Nowadays, they are known for their intelligent and upgraded features. One such step-up is the trademarked Flavorizer bars, which have been positioned perfectly for successfully catching those splashes of fat to create the authentic smoky taste.

Another of these innovations is their iGrill thermometer, an electronic sensor connecting to your smart device. This not only alerts you once a perfect cooking temperature has been reached but monitors the whole grilling process!

Back in 2013, George Stephen Snr was lucky enough to be posthumously inducted as a member of the Barbecue Hall of Fame in Kansas City, which his son Jim accepted on his behalf. If that isn’t a testament to their quality, then what is?!

Nexgrill vs Weber Grills: Which One Should You Choose?

Best Nexgrill Grill: Nexgrill Fortress Tabletop Gas Grill

Nexgrill Fortress Tabletop Gas Grill


Promising to be a rugged and portable stronghold for that classic smoky flavor, it’s clear to us that customers favor the Nexgrill Fortress 2.0, a two-burner, tabletop gas grill that turns the entire world into your backyard.

Constructed from cast aluminum, this grill’s lid and firebox are incredibly heavy-duty, so you truly can take it absolutely anywhere with complete confidence. Tailgates, camping, in your RV… the world is your oyster!

High retention of heat and obtaining those classic sear marks are a piece of cake thanks to the cast iron and porcelain cooking grates.

Your burgers, steaks and more will look truly authentic every single time, and taste just as smoky as you remember.

Worry no longer about lifting up the lid for temperature checks and consequently losing heat.

The large, inbuilt thermometer is capable of ensuring precise temperature control, so you cook to your liking whatever’s on the grill.

Though it might be small (and look sort of like a spaceship from the ‘80s) it certainly packs a punch. Industry-leading 304 grade stainless steel burners are of the highest quality and will ensure temperatures are toasty-hot and stay that way.

Both burners are capable of producing 6,750 BTU each, which is hot enough for the most precise searing imaginable on an ample 262 square inches of cooking space, all from a portable grill!

Prepare food for two or the entire family, as this bad boy utilizes a 20lb standard barbecue tank, even though it’s half the size of a classic grill.

You won’t need any batteries either, as the kinetic push and turn ignitions require no power.

There is a 5-year limited warranty on both the main burners and cooking grates, whilst all other parts are equally covered, but only for two years.

This should provide the peace of mind you need to make a fully-informed, returnable purchase.


  • Two powerful burners, cumulative 13,500 BTU of power
  • Sturdy cast iron design
  • Budget-friendly price
  • 2-5 year warranty on all parts


  • Propane gas tank not included


Best Weber Grill: Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 Gas Grill


From their classic Spirit collection, the Weber E-210 gas grill is designed especially for fitting on your patio or balcony.

As the smallest of Weber’s full-size grill range, they were aiming to make barbecue accessible, even to those without a backyard.

An ideal grill for BBQ beginners looking to get started with gas, it only has two burners, but don’t let that fool you.

Made of 400 series stainless steel, they produce 13,250 BTU each for a grand total of 26,500 BTU, which at that price is unbelievable!

Coated in porcelain for easy maintenance, the cast iron cooking grates create 450 square inches of space to grill, with a primary 360 square inches serving as the main hotspot.

It’s powered by propane or natural gas and cannot be converted.

Those classic Weber Flavorizer bars are also porcelain-enameled, ready to catch all of your drippings to create that authentic smoky barbeque flavor.

This isn’t messy, though, don’t worry – a front access grease tray catches all the excess.

Other thoughtful features include a propane tank gauge, the hood-mounted thermometer, and side tables, which fold down when not in use to reduce the overall footprint and minimize necessary storage space.

Whilst the electric crossover ignition system is simplistic and convenient, it does mean you’ll need to depend on AA batteries in order to successfully start up the grill.

Campers beware – remember to pack extra, just in case!

Thanks to a set of heavy-duty caster wheels, transporting this grill is as simple as wheeling it around, whether that’s across grass or dirt or concrete.

There are also six convenient tool hooks to keep everything you need to cook close at hand.

For an additional fee, you can also add an expert assembly to your order.

This means a professional will come and set up your new grill for you, and you’ll be ready to cook right out of the box. Great for grilling newbies!


  • Low maintenance, high efficiency
  • Stainless steel and cast iron components
  • 26,500 BTU of heat – super-powered for such a small grill
  • Lots of considerate features like fold-out tables, thermometer


  • Both the cover and propane tank are sold separately



Whether it’s a Weber or a Nexgrill you go for, both manufacturers have proven themselves reliable time and time again.

Customer reviews continue to report satisfaction and positive experiences from each brand, too.

We believe that for a budget-friendly purchase, the Nexgrill Fortress is an ideal candidate for a small but mighty product – it might not look like much, but you’ll be able to cook for the whole family if you want to.

On the other hand, more committed grillers keen to have access to the extra bells and whistles of a higher-end unit should look no further than the Weber Spirit E210.

Again, looks are deceiving, as this baby will blow your socks off at 26,500 BTU.

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