How To Clean A Flat Top Grill

How To Clean A Flat Top Grill

Do you know how to clean a flat top grill? Read on for the step by step instructions on cleaning this type of grill.

We all love to grill. Barbecuing and grilling foods are our favorite ways to prepare delicious meals, and they are simple to use.

The great thing about grilling appliances is how easy they are to utilize, and how quickly they can cook up some of our favorite dishes. One of the simplest ways to cook and grill food is on a flat top grill. A flat top grill is perfect for grilling patties, meats, sauteing vegetables, pan frying, browning, you name it.

The flat grilling surface is great for a completely even barbecue and cooking method, as it can reach high temperatures and cook all across the surface.

You can even place pots and pans on top of the cooking area to bring more versatility to your meal times!

Although we enjoy using these cooking appliances, what we do not love is the messy clean up job afterwards. Clearing and degreasing after grilling is a job we usually try to get out of.

But with this guide, we can help you have your flat top grill ship shape and shining in no time, ready for the next feast! If you are an avid chef, barbecuer, or mean grilling machine, then you already know the importance of keeping your workstation as clean and hygienic as possible.

The same rules apply for your flat top grill. So you will have to know how to clean a flat top grill properly.

How to Tell If Your Flat Top Grill Needs to Be Cleaned

When it comes to a flat top grill, you may start to forget when the last time you cleaned it was. However, there will be some warning signs that it is time to get your rubber gloves on, and your cleaning supplies out! When it is time to clean your flat top grill, you will start to notice food sticking tightly to the griddle, or even worse you may notice some burnt parts in your food.

This means that your flat top grill may have lost its non-stick abilities, and will need a good deep cleaning to return it to its former glory. In addition, you may notice that your food is not cooking as evenly as it once was. This could be because there is a build up on the flat top grill that is preventing an even heat on your food. You may also begin to taste some different flavors in your food. This is because of the different food flavors mixing on the grill top.

You do not want to taste last week’s salmon on this week’s beef patties! This is a strong tell tale sign that you should deep clean the flat top grill. Finally, if you give your flat top a wipe over after every use, and you start to notice that there is a build up of grime that will not budge, then it is definitely time to have a deep clean of your flat top grill.

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill

For the best upkeep of your flat top grill, then you will need to clean it after time you cook.

If you simply clean it regularly, then your flat top will last much longer and provide much better results. To do this, you should use a griddle scraper to get rid of any leftover grease residue or food particles from the grill. Wait until your flat top grill is cool, and then spray it with water for a clean rinse of the grill. Then, you can use a rag or some paper towels to wipe away any build up, or bits of grease. This method is intended for the general cleaning of your flat top grill after each use. If your grill needs a real, good clean, then you will need to deep clean the flat top grill.

How to Deep Clean Your Flat Top Grill

How you deep clean your flat top grill will depend on what type of grill you have. Make sure you know which method is best for your grill in order to avoid causing any damage.

We have our favorite methods for both a stainless steel flat top grill and chrome flat top grills for your convenience, followed by some of the best methods that you can also try.

Stainless Steel Flat Top Grill

The most common flat top grills are made from stainless steel. To clean these types of grill, you will need to first turn the heat up to 300-350 degrees fahrenheit.

Once the right temperature is reached, you will be able to grab a griddle scraper, and start to scrape away at the surface of your flat top grill. This will help to remove any leftover food debris, grease and build up from the cooking process. Keep scrubbing with the grill scraper until the majority of the food particles have been removed. Then, you can pour some warm (not hot) water onto the surface to help get rid of some of the grease and grime build up quickly.

The water may boil on the hot surface, so you should take a step back and be careful when doing this step, as the steam can burn your skin.

Remember to use warm water, not cold as the drastic change in temperatures on your grill can damage the top. Once the surface has cooled down, you will need to scrub the surface of your flat top grill in its entirety. Use a griddle pad and griddle scrub holder to do this, and scrub until all of the debris is lifted.

Then, you can rinse the flat top surface, and wipe it down until clear. You can also use a stainless steel cleaner for best results, but make sure that you wipe it off completely afterwards.

Once this is all clear, then you are free to re-season your flat top grill, ready for the next use.

Chrome Flat Top Grill

Chrome flat top grills are a little less durable than stainless steel grills. You will need to use less abrasive cleansing methods on your chrome grill to ensure that you keep it in the best working condition, and do not damage it in any ways. If you have a chrome flat top grill, then the process is slightly different. You will need to use a griddle brush instead of a griddle scrub as it is a little less abrasive than the scrub. Again, you will need to turn the heat up on your flat top grill to about 300-350 degrees fahrenheit. Once it has become hot, then you can use the griddle scraper to get rid of any leftover food and bits of debris from cooking. Next, you will have to pour some warm water on the flat top grill and scrub with a griddle brush until the surface looks much more clean than before. Once the flat top grill is cooled down, then you can use a rag to dry the surface. You can also use a food safe polish on a chrome flat top grill, as long as it is non abrasive and completely 100% food safe! Make sure that you remember to wipe down the surface and remove the polish before using again.

Other Methods to Clean Flat Top Grills

In most cases, you can just use some soapy water on the hot grill and leave it to sit. This should help to remove any residue, and then you can scrape off what remains and wipe it clean. This method also works with a concoction of lemon juice and water too! Simply mix one third of lemon juice with two thirds of water to clean away any grime or build up on your flat top grill

.You can also use raw vinegar to scrub the surface of the flat top grill, using a rag to polish. Make sure the vinegar is washed away and removed before using the grill again. You may be surprised to find that you can also use hot oil to clean a flat top grill! It sounds like it would just make the problem worse, but it actually works.

Simply pour some oil onto the hot grill and use a pumice stone to scrub and work on hard-stuck residual grease on the flat top grill. Use small, concentrated, circular patterns to scrub, and ensure that you wash away any leftover grease and oil after you are done!

Feeling fired up?

With our guide of how to clean a flat top grill, are you feeling fired up and ready to tackle the cleaning challenge?

With these simple methods, you will have a shining flat top grill surface ready to take on the next delicious meal you want to grill!

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