Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting Tips

Green Mountain Grill Troubleshooting Tips

Green Mountain is a brand that offers top quality premium grills for affordable prices. These pellet grills are durable, long lasting and built with the best craftsmanship.Green Mountain grills are some of the most popular pellet barbecue and grills available on the market right now! They are perfect for grilling all of your favorite foods, with high temperatures and easy to use appliances.

The appeal of the Green Mountain grill is the efficient temperature control, durable build and WiFi features. However, just like many other appliances, Green Mountain Grills can have some teething problems, or will struggle to light sometimes.

The last thing you want is to pack up all of your supplies, head to the beach, set up your barbecue, and find that your Green Mountain Grill will not ignite.Green Mountain pellet grills are not just like any grills. They work a little differently. If you are unsure of how your Green Mountain grill works, then you are in the right place.

How does it work?

Typically, pellet grills are operated by a digital controller that help to regulate the flow of pellets into the grill. The engine works to keep turning the hopper, and allow a flow of pellets into the firebox. Once in the firebox, the pellets are heated whilst a combustion ventilator will keep them burning for longer. A ventilator inside the pellet hopper provides the optimal pressure level and prevents the grill from burning out. With the pellet grill, you have the fire for wood burning, and the smoke for cooking the meat for great flavor. Now you know how your pellet grill works, you may be wondering why yours has had so many issues. Luckily, for you, we have a guide of how to deal with many problems and issues you may face with your Green Mountain grill. Green Mountain grills are manufactured and built to last, and they generally come with a 2 year warranty to back up your purchase if there are any issues.

However, if you have a small problem that can be easily fixed, then follow our troubleshooting guide.

Green Mountain Grills: Troubleshooting

Problems always come up at the worst times.

To save you from being in a sticky situation where you may not be able to get your grill on, we have a range of troubleshooting solutions to the most common problems to help you get back on track with your Green Mountain grill.

Most Common Problems

Heating Unevenly

If your Green Mountain grill is heating up unevenly, then you can resolve this issue easily. This can be done by adjusting the heat shield’s position slightly.

Slide the heat shield slowly towards the warm side a little at a time, and see if you can notice any changes in the temperature.

If you find the ideal spot for the heat shield, then remember the positioning for the next time you use it, to ensure your food is heated evenly.

Low Pellet Alarm

If you find that the alarm beeps constantly for the low pellet notification, then you may need to disconnect the alarm, and reconnect it.

You can do this from the back of the control panel easily. If the problem persists, then the alarm may be broken and you will have to replace it.

Jammed Auger

If you suspect that the auger is jammed, then you should suspect the grill. Turn the grill to the zero cycle, and look at the small fan inside the auger’s compartment.

If it has jammed or stopped, then you should check the pellets. They could be jammed up and stuck through the intake, unable to move through, which can prevent the fan from running.

Remove any pellets that have fallen into the wrong place and are causing a build up.

Clicking Noise

If you are wondering what that mysterious clicking noise is, it could be your Green Mountain grill.

Sometimes, it can be all too easy for the wires underneath the hopper to tangle or block the auger fan. This can cause a wire obstruction and get caught in the auger fan blade. This will make an irritating clicking noise, but it is easily rectified. All you have to do is move the obstruction from the auger fan blade, and the noise should stop. If the clicking persists, then there may be an issue in your gearbox, which could mean that your auger motor needs replacing.

No Display Power

If you have no power on your display, then you should examine the power source. There could be a tripped breaker, which will cause you a lot of trouble.

If you are ever going to inspect your grill components, then you should always do so with the grill unplugged. You can unscrew the main screws in the front control panel and pull it out, then inspect the back of the power switch and check for any tripped or loose wires.

You should also check the fuse, and make sure everything is working properly on the control board, and that the fuse is not broken and is intact. If you need to check the control board for problems, then you will have to inspect the back of the on/off switch and check for any loose wires.

If they are loose, then refasten the wires and check the fuse. On the control board, you will then need to look for a plug with a black key fuse holder and find the red wire.Then, twist the fuse holder clockwise until it opens, you can then see if the fuse is broken or burnt at all, and you can inspect the filament.

If the power source is faulty, then you may have to purchase a new control panel. We recommend the GMG Replacement Control Board.

GMG Replacement 3 Button Control Board Grills


WiFi and Mobile Troubleshooting

You will need to stay on top of resetting your grill and updating to the newest hardware frequently.

Confirm that you can connect to your grill and reset your grill if there are any issues. Ensure that your grill antenna is in working order and position, so that your grill can connect to your application easily. With the mobile application working correctly, you can set timers, control the temperature and set up alerts for cooking times and grill preferences.

Why won’t my Green Mountain Grill light?

One of the most common problems with the Green Mountain grills are when the grill won’t light.

If your grill fails to ignite, there are a few reasons why this could be.

For example this could be because:

  • The pellets may have overfilled in the firebox
  • There could be a malfunctioned combustion fan
  • There is insufficient ash in your firebox
  • You have a defective auger motor
  • You have a defective igniter

How to fix a Green Mountain grill that won’t light or heat up:

The main thing you should remember to do if your grill will not ignite is to avoid turning it on and off repeatedly, this will just worsen the issue.

Also avoid overfilling the pellets and let the igniter light them in its own time. If you overfill the pellets, there will not be enough air flow in the ignition chamber, and the grill will fail to ignite. You may also need to change the combustion fan or the igniter if they fail to work. If you are unsure how to do so, then you can contact Green Mountain for a professional replacement.

However, there are options available to replace defective parts yourself! For example, if you have a defective igniter, then you can simply replace the mechanism with a new one.

Try this Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie Igniter replacement for your Green Mountain grill!

ZHOUWHJJ Replacement Igniter for Green Mountain Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie Pellet Grill


Similarly, if you have a broken auger fan motor, then it is an easy fix with a cost effective replacement.

We recommend the Green Mountain grill Auger Feed Motor to help fix your problem!

GMG Daniel Boone & Jim Bowie Auger Feed Motor


You should also remember to check the temperature control. The newer wifi-enabled grills will communicate with your phone to control the temperature.

If you have a poor connection or out of date application, then you may struggle to heat up the temperature of your Green Mountain grill. To avoid this, ensure that the GMB application on your phone is up to date with the newest versions and updates.

Also make sure that you have good Wi-Fi connection, and that your app is properly connected to your Green Mountain grill to ensure full control over the temperature of your grill. In addition, your Green Mountain grill may not be heating up properly because of rust and corrosion issues. To prevent this from happening, remember to clean and scrub your grill frequently, to ensure it lasts longer and works efficiently.We recommend using a premium grill cleaner and a grill brush to keep on top of the hygiene of your Green Mountain Grill.

Goo Gone Grill Cleaner and Pad – Cleans BBQ Grates & Racks – 24 Ounce


BBQ-Aid Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper – Extended, Large Wooden Handle and Stainless Steel Bristles


Follow the above Green Mountain troubleshooting tips to ensure you don’ run into problems during your cooking session.

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