Are Fire Magic BBQ Grills Worth the Money?

Are Fire Magic BBQ Grills Worth the Money?

If you want a fantastic cookout, you need a reliable BBQ grill in your backyard. There are many BBQ grill brands on the market. However, when it comes to performance, very few match the units manufactured by Fire Magic. Read our Fire Magic BBQ grill reviews to get an idea of what to expect of the units. Fire Magic BBQ Grills

Fire Magic is one of the best grill brands on the market. The company has been in operations for over 75 years, providing the best of outdoor grills.

Fire Magic grills are made in the USA with the highest-quality materials.

Fire Magic BBQ Grills Review – Built to last

Fire Magic grills come with different warranties.

For example, there is a lifetime warranty on all of the stainless steel parts, including the housing, rod cooking grates and the burners.  Brass parts come with a 15-year warranty while the housing and cooking grids has a 10-year warranty.

The ignition switch has a 1-year warranty, the charcoal grills and smokers, together with the infrared burners have a 5-year warranty, while the side burners and all other components have a 3-year warranty.

These warranties are a confirmation by the company that its units last long.

After purchasing your Fire Magic grill, you can register it online, by phone, or even by mail.

Fire Magic Grills Collection

Fire Magic Echelon DiamondFire Magic sells four types of grills:

  • The Echelon Diamond collection
  • The Aurora collection
  • Choice, Legacy and Electric grills
  • Charcoal grills and smokers

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Collection

This is Fire Magic’s top line of gas grills. The high end barbecue grills feature a great design and top performance.  The grills have a large cooking surface, the most BTU’s per square inch, and beautiful, sleek lines,

These units have heat zone separators that isolate cooking zones and either digital or analog thermometers. There is also an optional magic view window through which you can see into the grill without opening the lid.

Check out Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Collection below:

Fire Magic Echelon E1060i This Fire Magic grill is made from cast stainless steel. The grill has two infrared burners at 22,000 BTUs and four main burners at 112,000 BTUs. This versatile grill can rotisserie, grill and smoke!
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 1060s This is a large freestanding grill that is perfect for large gatherings, thanks to its large cooking space. The grill a double side burner, storage for your cooking items, and other premium features.
Fire Magic Echelon E660i This small grill is perfect if you have limited space. The grill has  an 11,000 BTU backburner and 75,000 BTU backburner. The compact size definitely packs more power.
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790i

Fire Magic Aurora Collection

The Aurora collection is very similar to the Echelon line, with many of the features of the grills in both collections mirroring each other.

However, Fire Magic Aurora grills are slightly smaller and more affordable but still maintaining the same high quality build and performance that Fire Magic is known for.

Check out Fire Magic Aurora Grill Collection below:

Aurora A540i Built-in Grill
A660i Aurora Built-in Grill
A530i Propane Gas Grill
430i Built-in Gas Grill

Choice, Legacy, and Electric Grills

This group of grills are the smallest in Fire Magic line, making them excellent for budget buyers of those that live in areas where gas is not allowed.  These Fire Magic electric grills have made it possible for more people to enjoy barbecuing at home.

If you are starting out the BBQ hobby and would like an affordable but quality grill, Fire Magic electric grills are perfect.

Below is an overview of the electric grills:

Charcoal Grills and Smokers

Fire Magic charcoal grills and smokers are made of commercial-grade stainless steel. These units give your food tasty flavor that can only be provided by charcoal or smoke. Many professional barbecue chefs, especially those that participate in BBQ competitions, prefer charcoal grills and smokers to gas and electric ones.

Fire Magic charcoal grills and smokers have various features and come in different sizes and price points. Below is an overview of the units available in this line of products:

Why Buy a Fire Magic Grill

Fire Magic manufactures some of the best grills on the market.  The grills are built in the US with durable materials and have long warranties.

If you’re looking for a quality grill for everyday or competitive smoking, you won’t go wrong with a Fire Magic unit.

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