How to Choose The Best Commercial Pizza Oven for Your Business

How to Choose The Best Commercial Pizza Oven for Your Business

Looking to buy an oven for your business? Read our commercial pizza oven buying guide for tips on the things to consider when buying.

In recent years, pizza ovens have become prevalent in industrial and home use. These are a swift and powerful way to cook a variety of foods, including pizza. Not only are they functional, but they also add elegance and sophistication to your establishment.

Commercial Pizza Oven Buying Guide

So, there are a few criteria that you want to prioritize when evaluating the purchase of a commercial pizza oven for your business. Here we present some essential features to decide which commercial pizza oven will be fitting for your business.


Pizza ovens are manufactured in a wide range of designs for commercial use. Your options include a brick pizza oven, stone pizza oven, stainless steel, cast iron, and mosaic finish entryway oven. Therefore, the most difficult option for you is to decide which material is the most suitable for the style and niche of your business.

image of commercial pizza oven

With benefits and design including a fire and brick terracotta tiles, you have to choose on the cooking surface you want. So, make sure you choose the style that fits you and your business best.

Internal Dimensions

Internal dimensions are just as significant as external dimensions. The main point to look for in a commercial pizza oven is that the internal measurements cooking surface area.

To estimate your optimal cooking surface, you require utilizing your outlook from the past with the quantity of food you want to prepare. You can factor in your oven size to manage your menu. Although the outer dimensions may meet your standards, it is necessary to remark that if the oven walls are too thick, your cooking surface can be drastically diminished.

Another significant portion to examine is the weight of the oven. It is advised to make sure that a comprehensive oven made of heavy-duty materials weighs a lot. Since some models weigh about 1100 kg, you should make sure that the stand is strong and can manage this weight with ease.

Outer Dimensions

Before you start looking at the layouts of any pizza oven and its other specialties, measure and consider its outer dimensions. Pizza ovens are available for commercial use with the dimensions of 90cm x 90cm. Therefore, it is important to know what size fits your needs. Raise the oven high enough for your ceiling. Also, make sure the oven is well ventilated and has an outlet for the smoke.


It is imperative to pick the best size pizza oven for commercial applications. The key step to making sure you determine the correct size for your requirements is to know how much you can prepare in a pizza oven. If feasible, attempt to understand how big the cooking surface should be.

Dome pizza ovens are a traditional style utilized for businesses because they can afford even cooking across the surface.

image of dome pizza oven

When viewing at the dimensions of many ovens, all of this can become very complicated, so take note of the dimensions of each choice that are fit for identification goals.

Cooking Times

It is vital to retain that supplementary padding can be affixed to many models of a pizza oven. This portion, along with earlier points, depends on the requirements of your business. It is important to learn the cooking time you want before choosing your sample. Additionally, protecting your pizza oven can clog the flame inside and improve your cooking time.

The above is an overview of the things you should keep in mind when looking to buy a commercial pizza oven.

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