Bradley Original Smoker Review

Bradley Original Smoker Review

Bradley Smoker BS611 Bradley Original Smoker


The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker is a world class electric smoker emanating from the world renowned manufacturers; Bradley Smoker. It is a durable design as the interior is constructed using polished stainless steel and the exterior is made from powder epoxy steel for that beautiful and majestic look. The smoker has been fully automated and can hold up to 9 hours of Bradley Flavored Bisquettes; this is a good amount of heat for any smoking.

Great Features On The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker

  • The smoker has a 500 watt Cooking element, a 125 Watts Smoking element and a power voltage of 120V, 5.5 amps and 50-60 Hz. There is also a European version of 240V with 50Hz.
  • The smoker has a maximum temperature of 250 Degrees F, the minimum temperature is Ambient; this allows it to be used as slow roasting oven or as a slow cooker.
  • For additional support and improved stability, the smoker has some extra-large front feet. This is a feature that is common amongst the some of the top electric smokers
  • The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker comes with 4 removable racks which come with a new support that holds the racks and keeps them from tipping over when pulled out.
  • The product dimensions stand at 20.2 x 17.5 x 33.5 Inches and weighs around 52 pounds when shipped.

Pros – Great Points About The Bradley Original Smoker

  • For starters, the company has an outstanding customer service team that’s fully committed to helping clients out in case they have an issue that needs to be sorted out. This is an essential part of any company success that sell the best electric smokers and Bradley Smokers understand the consumer’s needs for delivering a quality support service.
  • The generator is easy to clean and maintain as it comes with a removable side panel. The temperature controls are easy to use, this ensures that the smoke and temperature are always controlled; making it easy to have either cold and/or hot smoke.
  • It is an easy to use and to assemble smoke; it takes a maximum of 20 minutes to assemble it from scratch.

Cons –  Anything Bad About The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker?

  • There have been some reports about the door seals leaking a bit. So there is a need to replace the racks at some point.
  • The user guide attached is not very detailed and lacks some information on how to actually do the smoking; guiding details such as the temperatures and associated times were lacking.
  • Unlike other smokers, this particular one does not come with a starter pack of Bisquettes for start-up purposes.

Summary – Should You Buy The Original Smoker from Bradley Smokers?

This is a must have for anyone who wants one of the top electric smokers in the market that is reliable, easy to maintain and is a functional smoker. Going by the rave electric smoker reviews the Original Smoker has been receiving, it is going to be worth every penny. Bradley Smokers have succeeded in coming up with a product that not only meets but actually surpasses most clients expectations of an electric smoker within this price range.





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