Different ways to cook using electric smoker

Different ways to cook using electric smoker

Electric smoker cooking technique

Electric smokers are the latest trend for barbecue chefs and backyard grillers.  With the capabilities to control the heat with a remote control, and not having to constantly add wood or remove heat, these electric smokers are favorites among many.

No matter what your favorite meat is, there are tons of recipes available for electric smokers.  Smoking meat really changes the flavor of meat, away from the traditional, grilling, roasting and frying.  While there are thousands of electric smoker recipes available, some components of any recipe should not change when it comes to using an electric smoker.

No matter what type of meat it is, what type of flavors are preferred, these few steps can make any recipe a successful one.

A few ways to enhance any recipe for an electric smoker

  • Slow cook the meat
  • Use various types of liquids
  • Try using several dry rubs

Slow cook the meats

No matter what type of meat you’re preparing, or what the recipe is, the best way to prepare the meat is to smoke it slowly.  Most electric smokers have a wide variety of temperature ranges, some as high as 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

In order to get a great smoky flavor, and keep the meat juicy, it should be slow smoked.  This is usually done at a temperature around 225 degrees.  It may take longer to cook, but it will result in a much better product.

Use various types of liquids

A great way to create great tasting food that’s extremely moist is using liquids.  Fruit juices have become a way for barbecue cooks to create unique and flavorful recipes.  Larger cuts of meat like whole turkeys, hams, and beef briskets can be enhanced by injecting those meats with these juices.

By injecting the meat, it adds tons of liquid deep into the protein, creating a much juicier and flavorful meal.  For smaller cuts like chicken, ribs, turkey legs and breasts, liquid can still bring moisture to the meat without injecting.

Try putting a large bowl into the smoker itself, filled with some sort of fruit juice, like apple.  While the smoker works, the liquid will evaporate, mix with the smoke in the air, and penetrate into the meat itself.

These simple procedures will enhance any recipe and create a moist and delicious meal.

Try using several dry rubs

By definition, a dry rub is a combination of dried spices, usually with a salt or sugar base.  Dry rubs can create a nice marinade, adding additional flavors to the meat.  Dry rubs also work well with smokers.

Smoking can cause the dry rub to actually solidify and create and flavorful crust on the meat, which can help seal in the moisture.  What’s great about dry rubs is there are so many different combinations.

Experiment with as many variations as possible, and decide what your preference will be with what type of meat you’re preparing.


With so many herbs and spices, so many types of meat, the recipe choices that can be made in an electric smoker are almost endless.  The key things to remember are to let the smoker do its job.  Slow cooking on low temperatures will create a much more savory dish.

Keep the moisture in the meat.  Injections can be a wonderful addition to any large cut of meat, while a simple bowl of apple juice can make all the difference in the world with smaller cuts.

Finally, dive into the spice rack, and mix and match different varieties of dry spices in order to create a great rub for your protein.  Look to use great flavors like chili powder, cumin, dry mustard, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper.  Mix these items with sugar or salt, to come up with the perfect dry rub.

Following some of these steps should allow you to create some great electric smoker recipes on all on your own.

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