Things to prepare before barbecuing

Things to prepare before barbecuing

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Electric SmokerThere are many things to prepare before barbecuing. Good preparation and planing can lead to a successful barbecue. Not only should you choose your smoker with care, you should also spend time picking out the perfect meat, spices, and rubs as well. Study the best techniques of barbecuing before beginning and be prepared to spend some quality time with your smoker in case you need to adjust temperatures or fuel sources.

The first of many things to prepare before barbecuing is your meat choice. The right cut of meat can make or break your barbecue so choose carefully. Choose a quality cut of meat and to choose an option that is from your area. This will most likely offer the best option for the freshest meat. The best place to buy quality meat is from either a meat market or a butcher and you should be sure to but the prime grade of meat for your barbecue.

Another thing to keep in mind while preparing for your barbecue is your budget. Some popular barbecue meats are a bit expensive and you can have the same quality for cheaper if you opt to barbecue chicken or fish. Also keep in mind if you are attempting to eat healthy. Chicken and fish also offer few calories and fat than their beef counterparts, so if you are on a diet but still wish to barbecue this may be the choice for you.

The next things to prepare before barbecuing is your rub. This can be any assortment of spices, but it is best to prepare this ahead of time. Most meats require to be placed in the rub up to twenty four hours before being cooked. Preparing the rub ahead of time will allow the meat plenty of time to soak in all the flavor that the rub has to offer.

Another thing to prepare is any baste that you wish to use. Usually bastes are made up of a variation of the spices that you use in your rub. Depending on the meat choice that you make, you will be using the baste a few times throughout the cooking process so make sure that you have enough before beginning the barbecue process. Always discard the left over baste and never reuse it. Reusing baste can lead to contamination and illness.

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You will also need prepare your smoker before barbecuing. Some models require seasoning of yur smoker before beginning and this should be done well before you plan to barbecue. Be sure to read the user’s manual completely and follow all the directions. Preparing your smoker can be one of the most important things of barbecuing and can greatly effect the outcome of your barbecue.

Take your time when choosing meat, rubs and bastes to create the right flavor. You should also choose the wood for your smoker carefully because different woods give different flavors to the food. By properly preparing for your barbecue, you can eliminate many of the stressful things that come along with barbecuing and create a successful barbecue. Check out our electric smoker guides for more information.

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