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Cajun Injector Electric Smoker Review

Cajun Injector Black Electric Smoker

The Cajun Injector Electric Smoker is a smoker produced and sold by the company Cajun Injector. It’s dimensions are 18 inch x 19 inch x 34 inch, which is a fairly good size for a smoker. This is a suitable option for a beginner cook, or a person who is not so confident with their smoking abilities. It’s built generally the same as most other electric smoker, but there are a few things that truly set it apart. We’re going to take a look at those is closer detail. The design of the Cajun Injector Electric Smoker is fairly ingenuitive, which lends to its appeal and ease of use.

The Good

This smoker is very easy to use, which is good for people just starting out smoking foods. It’s a favorable option to many people who have bought and used it testify to its greatness. This smoker defies the definition of a crowd pleaser, and so does the food that comes out of it!

Awesome Features Of This Electric Smoker

Aesthetically pleasing

The black model is nice to look at, and it gives a sense of class to the backyard. The finish is strong and the rounded edges serve two purposes (saving the parents from the cries of children who’ve bumped their heads and looking cool!).


As was described in the homepage, the thermostat in an electric smoker regulates the temperature. This contributes to the set-and-forget mentality.

Temperature range

With a temperature range of 100°F to 275°F, this smoker can keep a pretty large range of temperatures. This is important to keep in your noggin if you’re considering purchasing this model.

Pellet chute

On the side of the smoker, there is a small chute down which you can chuck your wood pellets or chips while the smoker is on. This can be convenient, but only if you’ve got small hands because the chute is rather small.


This smoker is very well insulated, which proves to be great for efficient food smoking. Be careful though – sometimes insulation on smokers wears out easily and must be replaced.

Physical features

There are wheels on the back and two legs on the front, all of which are adjustable. There is also an adjustable latch on the left side of the door, so you can personalize that as you’d like. The firebox, water pan, and drippings collector are standard.

Got a nice rack

There are 5 grillings racks that come with this smoker. There’s a place to hand any sausage or other hanging meats and bent racks. These help you to arrange your meats in the most space-efficient way possible. All racks are chrome-plated, making them very sturdy.

We’ve gone digital

The digital control panel on this smoker is so easy to use, it’s almost easier than setting an alarm clock!

The Bad

As with anything, there are also downsides. Although this smoker is great for beginners (and most other people), there are some features we should note so that you have a full understanding of this smoker’s abilities and inabilities. So, what’s the catch??

Not-so-awesome Features Of This Electric Smoker


This smoker is good for smaller pieces of meat, but its dimensions do not allow for large pieces of meat to be cooked. Look for another smoker to cook a full-sized turkey.


The cable is good only if you’re looking to smoke on your backdoor patio or any place close to an outlet.


The reliability seems to be an issue amongst others who have used this electric smoker. The machine occasionally simply stops working.


The construction isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is more like a warning. The inside of the smoker (racks & boxes) are made very well, but the shell of the smoker has been said to be very poorly put together. However, if you’re not roughhousing with it, it will be fine.

In Total…

The Cajun Injector Electric smoker is equipped with some really cool stuff (thermostat, digital controls, bent racks/hook racks), but there seems to be a couple of issues with it. It looks like adding the digital aspect of this smoker sort of botched things up and now it has more problems. However, this is still a very good option if you want to build your skills in smoking, or if you only smoke foods every now and then.



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