Weber Performer Gold Grill Review

Weber Performer Gold Grill Review

Weber 1431001 Performer Gold Charcoal Grill

In the market for a charcoal grill? The Weber Performer Gold Grill is one of the top in its class. It is similar to the Weber 1431001 Performer Silver Charcoal Grill with a few notable added bonuses such as a removable LCD timer, charcoal storage bin, lower storage area, and a very sturdy side table. This grill has a porcelain enameled bowl that measures 22.5 inches in diameter, giving the size of the cooking area to measure 343 square inches. Assembled, the unit measures 40 in x 50.25 in x 28.5 in.

The Weber Performer Gold Grill is a great option for smaller backyard areas as it is a self contained unit. There is room to store charcoal and grilling accessories and the side table provides ample room for food preparation. The cart and wheels were praised as being sturdy and stable, even when wheeled over surfaces such as gravel. The ash catcher feature was also admired for its ease of use and ease of cleaning. There are some accessories available to complement the Weber Performer Gold Grill, and one of the most routinely recommended was the rotisserie insert for use cooking meats such as whole chicken or turkey. Please note that this grill does not have a gas ignition starter- although it is very similar to the Weber 15401001 Performer Premium Charcoal Grill, the difference is the lack of electric starter.

Pros of Weber Performer Gold Grill

  1. Versatility
  2. Side table
  3. Overall sturdiness and construction

The Weber Performer Gold Grill is very versatile to use. You can cook in a variety of different ways- extremely high heat for searing meats, using indirect heat for meats such as chicken, ribs, or other meats that require longer to be cooked.

Reviewers agreed that the fusion of the side table prep area transformed this from a simple charcoal grill in to something more. The storage area below the grill was also praised by those with small deck or patio areas with little room for excess storage.

While the reviews for the Weber Performer Gold Grill are overwhelmingly positive (84% of Walmart reviewers rate it five stars, while only 3% rate it one or two stars), the majority of its praise is admiration for the grill as a whole. It is a sturdy, well made grill that is enthusiastically endorsed by both beginner and serious grillers.

Cons of Weber Performer Gold Grill

  1. Some challenges with assembly
  2. Confusion over gas start
  3. Inaccurate lid thermometer

A few reviewers also mentioned issues with the assembly process, such as not being able to properly fit the ash catcher to the bottom of the grill due to an ill fitting part. However, once the manufacturer was contacted, a “new and improved” replacement part was promptly sent at no charge. There were also reports of the wrong instruction manual being included. This issue was solved by finding a copy of the manual online and using it as reference.

Reviewers who expressed dissatisfaction with the Weber Performer Gold Grill usually complained about the lack of gas starter. The description of this grill should be read carefully so as to not be disappointed over the lack of starter. There are similar models that include this feature, but this particular model does not.

The thermometer fixed to the lid was noted by several reviewers as being off. It measures the temperature on the outside of the lid, not the cooking temperature by the grate. If pinpoint accuracy is needed, it is relatively inexpensive to purchase a new barbecue thermometer.

Summary of Weber Performer Gold Grill

For the money, the Weber Performer Gold Grill is one of the best grills out there. Its design is filled with thoughtful little touches- removable timer, food prep table, storage area- that elevates it above its competition. For both the novice and seasoned griller, this is an excellent choice.

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