Understanding Brinkmann rib rack

Understanding Brinkmann rib rack

Brinkmann 812-9236-S Rib Rack for GrillingThe name itself suggests that grilling ribs, that too in bulk, has become easier now. With the help of Brinkmann rib rack, you will be able to preserve the juicy flavor of ribs and grill it to the perfect level, as you like it. The rib rack works two ways; one like an independent grilling rack and second like any equipment that fits inside your smoker and over. This grilling accessory will leave you amazed positively, with its functions versus the cost it comes for.

Product specifications

The rib rack has been divided into four segments, which provides a huge grilling area for your food. The material used for making this rib rack is steel, which again come with porcelain coating. You will get this rib rack in black color finish.

The rib rack has a capacity to hold 4 racks of rib, all at once, which means you will be able to grill about one pound of ribs, within no time. Usually, it takes only 3 racks to grill food for small family of yours, and in extra space you can add any other snack item like nachos and make a delicious meal for your family.

The rack comes with handles on both the sides of the rack, which ensures a hassle free handling of rack, without any kind of danger of getting burn.  The rib rack is also durable in nature and does not break down early. There are people who have been using this rib rack since 2-3 years. While grilling the ribs, either ribs or seasoning, do not get stick on the surface of the racks which makes your cooking experience even more delightful.

It is also very easy to handle and maintain Brinkmann rib rack. You just need to soak the accessory in slightly warm water and then clean it easily with the help of a dish brush. The surface of this rack is very smooth which further makes the cleaning process easier.

The length of this accessory is quite sufficient to hold one full length rib, and you do not need to waste your time in trimming down the ribs. The racks can sustain high heating temperature, as much as 250 degree F, and will not wear down in heat.

The construction of this rib rack is done beautifully that the edges of ribs fits properly in the racks, and does not hang outside. There is absolutely no danger of edges getting burnt, in the process of being grilled.

Brinkmann rib rack fits perfectly in any kind of smoker. So, now when you have to go for a slow grilling and smoking of lot of ribs all at once, then you just have to stuff all your food in the racks and place the rack in the smoker. Ribs in all the racks are grilled and smoked evenly, even when you put the smoker at lower temperature for a slow grilling process.

If you plan to buy this accessory, then do not give in much thought to your decision as this product is totally worth its price.

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