Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Review

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Review

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker


For a smoker it is important that it should be less in smoke and consume fewer amounts of coal as well as temperature that make it affordable for individual looking for smoked chicken or meat. Here is the all new Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker that consumes less coal or temperature but you get all fresh and juicy chicken with the right amount of flavor.

If you are looking to have smoked turkey breast then this is the right smoker that will make it possible at a brisk space. The smoker is also suitable for getting delicious baby back ribs, smoked tomatoes and salmon delicacies; this particular smoker makes it possible in best possible way.

Product Specifications

  • The Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker has a dimension of 31 x 15 x 17 inches
  • Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker weights around 47.8 pounds
  • Consume power up to 1500 watts
  • Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker cooks up to 7 pounds of food

The Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker is appropriate for cooking meat and other vegetables which is made up of steel wooden chip boxes and there is a porcelain steel coats that makes it suitable enough. The smoker comes with three temperature settings and there are two cooking grids that also have door latching system. There are two handles fitted which makes it suitable enough for transportation, assembling and there are all instructions included along with the manual.

The smoke consumes up to 1500 watt of power and the body is durable enough. The smoker is say to clean and the parts can be replaced easily which makes it good enough for household purposes and for individual looking to have smoked foods quite frequently.

Pros of Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

  • The smoker is easy to use and foods get cooked fast enough.
  • It is appropriate for outdoor parties and events where you can get smoked vegetables and meats.
  • It required less temperature or coal for getting the smoked items.
  • The model is great innovation which can be smoker as well as cooker.
  • Can be easily transported because of its handles and stand.
  • Easy to clean and replace other parts.

Cons of Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

  • At times the consumption of coal or temperature is high and you need to keep servicing the smoker regularly.
  • Too heavy to keep moving in and out frequently.
  • Price bit on the higher side.

My Personal Tips

The Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker is easy to use, and there are multiple settings that make it convenient enough to cook food at various temperatures. Go through the manual properly to learn about the basics. Keep the smoker clean enough to avoid unwanted circumstances or high power consumption.

Customer’s Feedback on Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Generally, customers are very satisfied with this smoker. Most of them agrees that the main selling point of this smoker is the fact that it is very easy to use and to maintain. On top of that, this smoker is in the mid range pricing which makes it value for money. Below are more feedback from customers:

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control


The Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker is suitable for occasions or events where you can place it in the lawn and cook your favorite smoked meats or vegetables quite easily. The device is easy to use and makes it suitable to get smoked meats and vegetables. Multiple options makes it more suitable.

The model comes at attractive prices and whole new features make it appropriate for individuals looking for delicious smoked items.


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