Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review

We tested the Oklahoma Joe Combo and have news for you. Read our Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo review to find out what to expect of this grill.

Oklahoma Joe’s is a leading brand in the BBQ, grilling, and smoking world. They are a real homegrown business that started back in 1987 when Joe Davidson invested his $2000 savings into designing and manufacturing ten smokers.

He sold all ten at the Oklahoma State Fair that year and left with one hundred more orders. The rest, as they say, is history, and Oklahoma Joe’s is now one of the most popular smokers and grill companies in the country.

Today, one of their more popular products is the Longhorn Combo, which is a Smoker and Grill in one. We decided to share with you our love for this product in an in-depth product review.

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review

So sit back, get yourself a glass of something tasty and a plate of something smoked, and relax while you read all about why you need an Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo smoker and grill.

Product Overview

At first glance, the Longhorn Combo looks like a BBQ enthusiasts dream come true.

It is a Smoker and Grill all in one, with the option to be powered by charcoal and/or gas.

You get so much freedom to do exactly what you want with this piece of cooking equipment.

There are separate chambers for grilling and smoking. Grilling can be done via gas or charcoal too, the choice is yours. It even has a side burner which is the perfect size for a pan of onions to fry or your BBQ sauce to heat.

It is extremely durable in terms of material, due to being made from heavy-gauge steel and having porcelain coated rust-resistant cast iron grates.

This grill and smoker combo is designed to last. The covered over nature of it means that you can grill in all weather (provided you don’t mind getting wet of course).

 The handles are also made with cool-touch technology so you can check your food without hurting your hands – although you should still wear gloves, of course!

It has adjustable dampers so that you can control the amount of smoke and heat that your food gets. The grill combo also offers lots of cooking space – a total of 750 square inches of primary cooking space and a further 310 square inches of secondary cooking space.

There is even a rack at the bottom so that you can store all of your utensils, or even extra gas should you need it.

The firebox is kept separate and is doored off making your life easier due to it being far more convenient to stoke the fire when needed. This way you will not be letting heat and smoke out of your food chambers unnecessarily.

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo


Product Specifications

  • This Longhorn Combo Grill and Smoker comes with one grease tray, which can also be purchased separately if more are needed

  • Nearly all of the parts for this Combo Grill and Smoker can be bought separately if any of them ever wear out, get lost, or get damaged, giving you the reassurance that you will be using this grill for years to come

  • In terms of assembly, it is important to note that the overall weight of the whole package is 204.60lbs

  • The dimensions of the overall grill package are as follows: 31.5 by 74 by 50.6 inches

  • As mentioned in the product overview, the grill is made mostly from steel and cast iron

  • The power sources for this combo grill and smoker are charcoal and LP Gas (Propane)

  • The product is black in color

  • It has 4 main burners and a total BTU (British Thermal Unit) of 48,000

  • The grill itself stands on wheels for easy transportation that are in the classic ‘wagon’ style

  • There is a two year warranty on the whole grill and all its parts

What we liked

There is truly so much to like about the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo!

As a general overview of what we loved so much about it, suffice to say that BBQing has never felt so easy.

We love how easily we can multitask, grilling, and smoking at the same time is really a hit with the loved ones at family BBQs.

It is very well made, and so many different food products have stood the test of the Longhorn, resulting in perfectly grilled or smoked deliciousness each time.

Keep reading on for our list of other things we loved:

  • We loved the heavy-duty materials used for the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Grill and SMoker combo! It has really stood the test of time for so many other customers too, with many of them stating that even after a year or two of weekly use the grill still seems as good as new. The steel and cast iron parts are very durable, and can withstand constant oil spraying, meat fat drips, and so much more.

  • The wheels make it easy to transport about the garden or patio, this makes it easy to just prop it wherever it suits the buyer. (Although do bear in mind that the whole appliance is very heavy, at over 200lbs)

  • We love the fact that it is a smoker and a grill in one. This is just a novelty to us that we could rave about forever. It is perfect for those BBQers who like choice, especially those who may have been debating whether to get a grill or a smoker – now you can have both!

  • Every bit of food that comes from the smoky depths of the smoker, or the hot temperatures of the grill is perfect. There are hundreds of reviews that all state the same and it is certainly the most redeeming quality of the appliance as a whole. After all, the whole point of a Grill and Smoker is to get delicious food every single time, so this factor for us was one of the most important.

  • It is a fantastic option for the casual BBQer, or perhaps someone who is just beginning to explore smoking and grilling. It is made from a durable enough material that it can withstand regular weekly usage, as long as appropriate care is taken when cleaning, and it is covered adequately when not in use.

What we didn’t like

As with all genuine reviews, it is important to consider aspects of the product that we think could have been improved.

As much as we love Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Smoker and Grill, there are some points that we feel we must raise that we didn’t like so much.

We analyzed the reviews of other customers too, to ensure we had a really detailed understanding of both the good and the bad bits about the appliance.

We feel confident to tell you that, overall, it is an excellent quality Combo Smoker and Grill, and one that we are sure that you will be thrilled with should you decide to buy it.

However, as with everything, it is not perfect, and those imperfections must be taken note of.

Here are our thoughts on what we did not like so much:

  • Although the majority of the grill is made from a very hard wearing and durable material such as steel and cast iron, we were disappointed with the metal on the grill side (where the propane powers it). It is a little thinner than the other materials, and other buyers have commented on it feeling like a different metal altogether, of a much thinner and more malleable substance. Others have said that this side is also more prone to rust, however, with proper care and the appropriate cleaning methods used, rusting should not happen.

  • Some users may find the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Grill and smoker a little difficult to move about easily. It is very heavy at over 200lbs, and some users have found the feels to not be sturdy enough for lots of moving about. They can sometimes feel a little rickety, as though they cannot withstand the whole weight. We have found no instances of the grill collapsing because of this, but bear in mind that they may sometimes feel a little flimsy.

  • It does not feature any hooks to place utensils on whilst cooking. This is a very minor side note, as we realize that this is not a top priority when looking for a grill, and certainly, anyone could add one on themselves easily. However, it was surprising not to find one on there.



Our final word on the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Grill and Smoker is that it is a fantastic choice of product for someone who uses the BBQ casually, perhaps every weekend or so.

It can withstand regular cooking for a small family with ease thanks to the hard wearing material that it is made from.

It is very important that due care is taken when cleaning the appliance, and that it is covered adequately when not in use to prolong the life of your Longhorn Combo Grill even further.

What is certain is that with each use, you will get deliciously smoked or grilled food that is sure to be a people pleaser at family BBQs.

We truly believe it is the perfect option to choose if you are someone who is debating a smoker or a grill. This Longhorn Combo gives you the best of both worlds, promising quality from each.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Buy one for yourself from Amazon.

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