Barbecue the Right Way: Grill Out Ideas to Make Your BBQ Great

Barbecue the Right Way: Grill Out Ideas to Make Your BBQ Great

Looking to host a BBQ party? Read on for some grill out ideas that will increase your chances of hosting a successful event.

The key to a good BBQ is simplicity. The humble garden grill is the ideal way to get together, as it encourages a relaxed and open atmosphere. People can come and go as they wish, and stop by for a quick drink or stay late into the night.

Grill Out Ideas

But what makes a great BBQ? How can you make that party really stand out from the rest? We take you through our grill out ideas that are guaranteed to make your BBQ sizzle.

Prepare Before the Guests Arrive

A BBQ is a chance for you to chat and relax with friends and family. If you are in the kitchen the whole time, they are not going to get to spend time with you. It negates the point of having the party.

Make sure all your furniture, gas or charcoal, salads, condiments, and sauces are ready to go the evening before. If you can set them up outside then do so, as it will save time the next day. Finally, before the guests arrive start to take meat from the refrigerator and line up it next to the grill.

Get your grill lit, bring out the drinks, and crack open a beer. All that you will have left to do is cook food and serve it while spending time with your guests.

Ask Guests to Bring Sides

One ingenious way to halve your preparation time is to ask guests to prepare a side. Sides can be really simple or complicated, and you will get a mix of traditional salads and some out there choices.

To prepare the sides yourself can also be very time consuming, especially if everything is done from scratch. Instead, ask around and see what people will prepare. If two people pick the same item, politely explain that someone else is bringing the item and most people will be happy to change.

Have Playlist Suggestions

Instead of making everyone listen to your music choices, why not ask the guests? Before the BBQ send a list of categories to guests and ask them what song they would choose. You can then make a fantastic playlist themed to your guests.

Ideas could be people’s favorite summer songs, top songs to dance to, and such forth. For later in the night, you could even prepare a slightly more chilled out selection for when the sun goes down.

Stock Up on Alcohol

Before you even think about alcohol, get a selection of non-alcoholic drinks and mixers. These can include sodas, juices, and plain low-calorie water. This will provide for both children and drivers.

Next, you need to stock up on alcohol. Nothing is worse than having to leave your own party midway, to pick up extra crates of beer from the store. Make sure you have enough, then get more in case of emergencies.

One way to make alcohol go a long way is to create a summer punch. Fill a large bowl with your favorite liquor, lots of juice, ice, and mixed fruits. Place a ladle in and let people serve themselves.

Prepare Your Own Sausages

This sounds like a huge task, but it will be worth it. Sausage makers and casings are available cheaply from online stores. Order a maker, find some great recipes then get to work.

If you have never made sausages before, do them at least three days ahead of your BBQ and let them sit in the refrigerator. Start with simple breakfast sausages or a frankfurter recipe, then serve them up to guests on the big day.

Make sure you include lots of fat for taste. They will not be healthy, but they will be delicious. Your guests will be extremely impressed.

Keep the Bugs Away

Bugs and creepy crawlies can be a real pain when hosting an outdoor party. Make sure that you prep to keep them away for as long as possible. Citronella candles can help stave off mosquitoes and keep a spray repellent on hand for guests who find themselves getting nibbled.

Cover food with a cloth until it is time to be served. If you are attracting wasps, it works to set aside a jar of sugared water to catch them in. When then BBQ is over, simply tips the wasps from the jar onto the floor, unharmed.

Have Some Entertainment

Your party will need entertainment, but the golden rule is that it should be passive. People should be able to drop in and out of it as they see fit. No one is asking you to put on a concert or theatre production.

Having a guitar handy is always a great idea. At least one of two people will likely be able to play, and it allows people to try some chords while having a beer.

Other ideas are games that children and adults can play. Boules or swingball tennis always work well. After the BBQ, you could plan for a friendly game of baseball or frisbee.

Cooking Up a Storm

Now the preparation is done, the sides are prepared and the guests are on the way, light the grill and pop a drink. The hard work is done, and you can spend some time with friends and family eating some delicious food.

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