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Fire Magic Barbecue Grills

Fire Magic BBQ Grills

Some of the Top Grills on the Market

Over 75 years ago, Harold Keck founded Fire Magic, which was his vision to create better outdoor entertaining.  He was a brilliant engineer, and focused his energy towards creating a great product and meeting all of his customer’s needs.  Since, 1937, Fire Magic barbecue grills has continued with this tradition, manufacturing some of the best grills available on the market.

Every grill Fire Magic makes is built in the US, and they use the best possible materials.  The company focuses extensively on the highest safety standards and exceeding performance statistics.  Fire Magic has committed to building the absolute best outdoor grills for customers who appreciate owning the best available.

Fire Magic Grills – Built to last

Fire Magic is so confident in their products and how well built they are, the company has provided several warranties on their grills.  There is a lifetime warranty on all of the stainless steel parts including the housing, rod cooking grates and the stainless steel burners.  On any of the brass parts, the company offers a fifteen year warranty.  The housing and cooking grids on all Fire Magic electric grills is ten years.  Charcoal grills and smokers along with infrared burners receive a five year warranty.

Finally, the side burners and all other components (except the ignition switch which is one year) have a three year warranty.  This is just a testament of how much Fire Magic believes in its products and how customer oriented the company is.  They truly believe their products will last for as long as you own them, and if there are issues, they will gladly replace them.  Fire Magic makes the registration process extremely simple as you can register your grill online, by phone, or even by mail.

Several Options for everyone to Choose

Fire Magic Echelon DiamondThere are several different collections of grills available depending on budget and needs.

  • The Echelon Diamond collection
  • The Aurora collection
  • Choice, Legacy and Electric grills
  • Charcoal grills and smokers

The Echelon Diamond collection

This is Fire Magic’s top line of gas grills and is considered as a high end barbecue grills.  These are designed for the person who wants the absolute top performance with the finest design.  These grills have a beautiful, sleek lines, and consist of the largest available cooking surface.  This also has the most BTU’s per square inch.  Heat zone separators isolate cooking zones.  Available digital or analog thermometers.  An optional magic view window so the user can see into the grill without opening the lid. You can find out more and browse through the whole Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Collection.

The Aurora collection

The Aurora collection is very similar to the Echelon line, with many of the features mirroring each other.  The Aurora grills are slightly smaller, and a little less budget wise, while maintaining the same high quality. Check out Fire Magic Aurora Grill Collection.

Choice, Legacy, and Electric grills

This group of grills are the smallest in the line, allowing buyers with a smaller budget, or people who reside in a place where gas is not allowed, an opportunity to enjoy Fire Magic quality.  This line of electric grills have opened up barbecue to a much larger group of buyers, and shows again how Fire Magic is always thinking of the consumer. If you are starting out and would like to test yourself with affordable but quality grill, this line by Fire magic is perfect. You may want to find out more by clicking here.

Charcoal grills and smokers

This line of grills are constructed with commercial-grade stainless steel and are designed for the barbecue enthusiast who prefers the flavor provided by charcoal or smoke.  Many professional barbecue chefs pick from this line as it lends itself more towards the competitive line of barbecue.  Fire Magic offers many sizes and price points in this line as well, as they continue to try and appease all types of barbecue enthusiasts. Find out what is the latest promotion for Fire Magic Charcoal Grills.

Why buy a Fire Magic grill

Fire Magic barbecue grills believe when you purchase their product, you are truly buying the best grill on the market.  These grills are built in the US, with some of the most durable materials.  They are built to last and have the industries longest warranties.  So if you’re looking for quality, a wide variety of choices, you won’t go wrong in purchasing a Fire Magic product. For more information, you can check out their official website – Fire Magic Grill

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