Emson Electric Smoker Review

Emson Electric Smoker Review

Emson Electric SmokersThe taste of smoked meats is really amazing and this particular Emson Electric smoker makes it easy to prepare such items. Outdoor electric smoker are not easy to adjust in a room and there are many individuals who have shied away from using such smokers, though there is a considerable number of individuals who wants to make meat at home.

With outdoor smokers it requires lots of investments and storage becomes a big issue as well. Here comes the all new indoor electric smoker, which is easy to handle which is a right combination of the pressure cooker as well as a smoker, without any hassles compared to outdoor smoker.

Product Specifications

  • The Emson Electric smoker has a dimension of 3.2 x 13.2 x 12.6 inches
  • Emson Electric smoker weights around 10.7 pounds
  • Has a five quart capacity
  • Consume power up to 1000 watts
  • Emson Electric smoker cooks up to 4 pounds of food

Features of Emson Electric Smokers

The Emson Electric smoker comes with dual functionality and it too doesn’t chump extra space from your kitchen. It cooks food faster and that too with increased pressure, which means you can get that same taste without waiting too long.

The direction of use is very easy and straight forward. There are options for hot smoke, cold smoke, steam cook and even the pressure cooker. Once the cooking method is decided you can then set the timer and walk away.

The smoker is available in 5 quart as well as 7 quart sizes. The 5 quart can easily accommodate four pounds of meat. This particular model comes with four racks and it consumes around 1000 watt of power.

Emson Electric Smoker

Advantages of Emson Electric Smokers

  • Great innovation which can be used as a smoker as well as cooker.
  • Generally light weight and have a digital times set to work precisely.
  • Require less amount of wood to get the same tasty food and gives a nice flavor.
  • Best for the winter season when you can cook indoors or keep moving smoker in or out.
  • Best and suitable for kitchens and makes it simple for indoor cooking, less consumption of power.
  • Makes meat quite fast and easy to operate, don’t have to wait day long like other outdoor smokers.

Disadvantages of Emson Electric Smokers

  • Not suitable for smoking large quantity of meat.
  • Expensive compared to the space that has been acquired.
  • The size is too small and smoke come out when fully filled.
  • Too small handles and need full care while handling after the meat is smoked.

Our personal take on Emson Electric Smokers

The Emson Electric smoker is easy to use, but make sure you handle it carefully else the screws may get loosened, once large or huge force is applied. Take utmost care and close the lid once switching the cooker.

The Emson Electric smoker is appropriate for every home where you can cook your desired smoked meats within the interiors and also fast enough with less wood. Try out this new innovation and particularly for those who used to ignore the outdoor smokers because of its huge investment and storage problems.

In conclusion…

Make sure you check out this new model which comes light to your pocket and you can have your desired smoke meat anytime with this Emson Electric smoker.

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