Electric Smokers VS Charcoal Smokers

Electric Smokers VS Charcoal Smokers

There are 2 kinds of food smokers used by many people who love smoked food. One can use any of these two smokers, depending on the kind of taste preferred. The big grill, where you need to use charcoal and sometimes lighter fluid to light it seems like it’s tough to use but then there’s the electric food smoker where you only need electricity and your meat.

This article will help you to explore and differentiate between the 2 smokers. Let us talk about the pros and cons or compare the two, helping you decide and make the right choice.

Pros & Cons of Charcoal Smokers

Cleaning your electric smokersPros of Charcoal Smokers

The charcoal smoker is used commonly in parties. It is also used either in the parks or even in backyards. They are made of heavy metal to control the flames and the charcoal. They can be big and bulky and sometimes they can be also expensive. The prices of these charcoal smokers vary, depending on what you need it for.

However, food cooked in these charcoal smokers really taste authentic and many people believe that the taste of the meat is better and the meat can be cooked crispy. You can add basting fluid and flavor while it is being smoked.

In addition, you can also put as much meat as the grill can hold. Depending on how you cook it, you can end up with food that either tastes delicious or is charred.

Cons of Charcoal Smokers

Now the downfall is that it is heavy and bulky. You will have to keep an eye on it until the meat is cooked. Basically, you might want to buy it only if you have enough patience to handle it. It is hard to regulate the heat and sometimes an occasional flame arises when the fat that drips off the meat falls into the hot charcoal.

You cannot use the charcoal smoker in bad weather like rain or snow because it can only be used outdoors. Apart from that, lighting the coal takes time using lighter fluid might make your meat taste weird. You need to make sure that all the coal is lighted. Placing paper under the coals will speed up the process too.

However, if you are not careful you can burn the meat. Another problem is that it produces a lot of smoke so those with asthma or breathing problems have to stay far away until the food is cooked. Find out more about Charcoal smokers.

Pros & Cons of Electric Smokers

MasterBuilt Electric Smoker with WindowPros of Electric Smokers

Now the electric food smokers are usually lighter and portable. Even if you have the bigger one it is still lighter. You can use it indoors, unlike the charcoal ones. In addition, you have a choice of water based smokers where you can put a pan of liquid at the bottom. You can even use juice, wine, beer or add spices in the liquid so that the flavor can be absorbed, and you can also add wood chips to give it a smoky hickory or maple taste and smell, depending on what wood chips you use.

Using electric smokers with thermostats are great as the temperature can be adjusted. Unlike the charcoal smoker, you don’t have to watch it constantly and this should be a relief when you are throwing a party. Obviously you would want to enjoy with others instead of watching the smoker endlessly.

Using a dry heat you can get a crispy outer layer and some units are priced reasonably. You only need to check once in awhile to be sure the liquid does not dry out, while using water based ones. Apart from all this, the electric smokers are easier to light and don’t require lighter fluid or butane.

When it comes to cleaning, it is easier to clean the electric smokers because they do not have ash and burnt meat sticking to the grills.

Cons of Electric Smokers

While it’s quick and easy to use, it could be a problem financially. The downside is that your electric bill may increase. You cannot use it in the park or areas without electricity. When using water based smoker the meat is tender and moist but the outer layer is not crispy. The charcoal smokers take time to clean the only problem in the electric smokers is when you use the water based because you have to dispose the liquid properly.

One last thing you need to consider is the cooking time. Using electric smokers takes longer to cook than the charcoal smoker. However, selecting either electric or charcoal smokers really depends on the taste of the user.

In Conclusion…

So before buying, check the pros and cons and ask around and survey or do some research. While both are good, it all depends on your preferences and needs.

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