Electric Smoker Tips and Tricks

Electric smokers are becoming more popular each day. Regardless of the size smoker you have there are certain things you need to keep an eye on while you are smoking your favorite meats. Sure, smoking on an electric smoker is supposed to be easy and hands free but there are some things that you will need to obtain a great finish to the foods you are smoking.

I will share with you a few tips and some of the things you need to keep an eye on to keep from overcooking and ruining an expensive cut of meat. Here are some electric smoker tips and tricks for you to follow.

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Use the right wood when you use your smoker

You will not want to use scrap woods and treated woods in your smokers. These woods will produce a gas that is not healthy to be around. Always use hardwoods such as mesquite and hickory. You can purchase bagged hardwoods that are idea for smoking. You will need to soak your hardwoods in water before you place them in your smoker. This will help to keep your wood from flaming up and raising the temperature in your smoker. Wet wood will produce more smoke and last longer.

Using a brine solution to soak meats

Using a brine solution to soak meats such as turkey and chicken will add tons of flavor to your poultry. You can take some of your favorite seasonings and mix them with salt to soak your poultry in overnight. You will want to make up enough brine to cover your poultry fully. Set this in the refrigerator for 24 hours before placing on the smoker. The brine solution will help to tenderize and add lots of flavor to your turkey or chicken. This is a great electric smoker tip and trick.

Plenty of clearance from walls and other objects

Most of the time when we use a smoker we will place our food on the smoker and go about our business. Make sure that you give your smoker plenty of clearance from walls and other objects so it will not heat them up and possibly cause a fire situation. Make sure that you have your smoker in a place that he smoke can escape and not fill up your porch or patio with smoke.

Monitor the temperature

The temperature is very important when you are smoking on an electric grill. You will want to keep the internal temperature of your grill at 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow for a good uniform cooking of the meat you are smoking. If you reach a higher temperature the outside of your meat will be done before the inside is. This will lead to severe overcooking and drying of your meat. Keep an eye and hold your smoker to a constant temperature. You will also need to watch the water pan to be sure it does not run out of water. The water will help to keep you temperature down.

Regardless of what your smoker temperature is it is very important to use a cooking thermometer to test and check your meat constantly to obtain the right temperature that your cut of meat needs to be to insure that it is done without overcooking. You can refer to a cooking chart that comes with the thermometer to see what the correct temperature needs to be.

You will develop you own recipes and techniques the more you use your smoker. If you follow these few electric smoker tips and tricks you will have a nice start on your smoking experience.

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