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I’ve just bought my smoker and eager to try. I tried setting it up but not sure what’s the right way to smoke. I tried reading the manual but it’s in foreign language!! I’m lost and clueless…

Are you experiencing the same situation? If you are, then you have come to the right place. This page is dedicated to you! I will be compiling useful tips and guide pertaining to everything Food Smoker related topics. I’m convinced that this page will be an awesome resource and guide for smoked food lovers. Be sure to check out this page often for more tricks and tips!!

General How To’s

How to use an Electric Smoker?
What is the best meat to smoke?
How to maintain an electric smoker?
What is the best electric smoker tips?
Why you should not buy a charcoal smoker?
Why should you get a Small Electric Smoker?
What is the best electric smoker for 2 person?
What is the best way to clean electric smoker?
How to understand your Electric Smoker parts?