Best wood burning barbecue smokers

Best wood burning barbecue smokers

Best wood burning barbecue smokersThere are numerous types of barbecue smokers. Each type is priced for its characteristic features according to different people’s tests and preferences. However, some word barbecue smokers have more appeal than others. Wood burning barbecue smoker uses wood as a source of heat.

A wood burning barbecue smoker suffuses your meat with an earthy taste that can only be achieved by cooking food over a low fire. The best wood burning barbecue smoker may be termed traditional, but they give you enough space to smoke an all-day mouth-watering feast.

Top 6 Wood Smokers

  • Yoder Kingman
  • Backwoods Smoker Party
  • Fast Eddys by Cookshack Wood Smoker
  • Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe
  • Horizon Smokers
  • Louisiana Grills

Yoder Kingman

When you think of a traditional old smoker, what comes in mind is a barrel-molded dark smoker. Yoder Kingman has a 52 inches long cooking surface making it one of the biggest backyard smokers you can lay your hands on for a delightful barbecue for a party. The smoker incorporates a counterbalance flame box that gives heat and includes an extra cooking surface. The Yoder Kingman wood burning barbecue smoker has a total of 2,350 square inches of smoking and cooking space.

Backwoods Smoker Party

Backwoods Smoker Party is a conventional wood meat smoker that holds up to 18 chunks of baby back ribs on six cooking racks. It’s cooking time midpoints six to seven hours. The smoker uses charcoal and wood as a heat and smoke sources and its doors seal with heavy-duty locks to hold in high temperature.

Fast Eddys by Cookshack Wood Smoker

Fast Eddys by Cookshack Wood Smoker is a barbecue smoker that uses pellet, which implies the unit automatically adds wood when a sensor shows the requirement for more fuel. An electronic temperature and time controller drops the heat to maintain warmth in after you are done smoking your meat. The racks provide around 1,450 square inches of cooking space, enough to smoke 100 pounds of pork. This smoker recuperates lost heat in only ten minutes when the doors are opened during cooking.

Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe

This barbecue smoker fires up charcoal and wood in the offset firebox that feeds heat and smoke to the main smoking compartment. The Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe does not only offer you 1,045 square inches of smoking and cooking area, but it also have a smoker chip tray. The smoker has an inbuilt temperature gauge monitor, to control heat. The gauge also monitors the progress of your meat. It also has a sturdy shelf where you can store extra bags of wood.

Horizon Smokers

Horizon Smokers are the best due to their affordability.  Their assembly free grills are made from steel, and, therefore, they are heavy duty. These wood smokers have a body frame made from a quarter inch thick pipe.  Horizon smoker unhesitatingly offers a lifetime guarantee for any of its flame broil models.

Louisiana Grills

Louisiana Grills Wood Pellet Grills are incredible for individuals looking to make barbecue of restaurant quality in their lawn. The smoker has buttons controls that make cooking simple and hustle free. The buttons allow you to smoke your meat with limited efforts. You can set the start the fire and set the temperature gauge to the desired degree just by the push of a button.

Some conventional wood burning barbecue smokers utilize a counterbalance firebox to heat up and smoke the main cooking area. This increases the smoker width, so make sure your patio suits this style before settling on your decision

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