5 Best Char-Broil Grills for the Money

5 Best Char-Broil Grills for the Money

Are you searching for the best char-broil grill to buy this year? Read on for the top 5 recommendations that BBQ enthusiasts from all over America recommend.

Looking to set up a backyard barbecue, or secure a cooking vessel for an outdoor commercial setting, but not sure where to begin?

Consider a Char-Broil – built by experts to infuse smokiness into your food whilst evenly cooking and leaving that signature char, you’ll be shocked that it’s been so easy to grill this whole time.

With each being made from high-quality materials by a reliable, well-known manufacturer, you can rest assured that no matter what your needs, there’s a product to suit you.

Rounding up five of the best Char-Broil grills on the market right now, we’ve made it even simpler to pick out a new garden gadget. Our buyer’s guide narrows down exactly what you should be looking for in a quality cooker to suit you, too.

Still got a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section where we’ve highlighted some of the most common queries customers have had when shopping for outdoor cooking equipment.

Best Char-Broil Grill (Winner)

Best Char-Broil Grills – Comparison Table

Best Char-Broil Grills Reviews

#1. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 (Our Overall Top Pick)


If you’re roaring to start cooking up a storm and don’t have the time to consider all of your options, we can definitely recommend the Grill2Go to be a great all-rounder.

Want to enjoy barbecue on the go, but have limited space to carry your equipment?

Though on the surface a simple, lightweight tabletop, this grill might weigh less than twenty pounds but the one-touch ignition burner produces 9,500 BTU of heat in a matter of minutes and requires no batteries to start.

Fuelled by a 16.4 ox disposable liquid propane cylinder, the patented TRU-Infrared cooking system allows zero flare-up. With 200 square inches of space, you’ll be flipping burgers, hot dogs, chicken and more, even in the coldest temp

Both the firebox and lid are composed of cast aluminum, with a stainless still grilling grate, dual stainless steel latches, and a high-impact frame; heavy-duty and durable, it doesn’t matter how off-road you go with this grill.

With inbuilt legs, a hood-mounted temperature gauge, and Cool-Touch heat-resistant handles, the X200 models are perfectly portable and just what you need for your next cookout, picnic, camping or fishing trip.


  • Easily converted for use with a larger tank
  • Ignition carefully positioned inside the right front leg to prevent damage
  • Natural radiant heat cooks food and retains juices
  • Grill creates classic charred appearance when you cook


  • All tanks and conversion kits are sold separately


#2. Char-Broil 20602107 Patio Bistro Grill (Runner Up)


An electric grill might sound contradictory to everything a barbecue is, but you get high-quality cooking without the hassle of gas or charcoal to contend with if you choose the Patio Bistro Grill from Char-Broil.

Sleek enough to fit on a patio but easily holding up to twelve burgers at one time, two hundred and forty square inches of TRU-Infrared cooking technology makes for even grilling and greater temperature control.

Rust-resistant, porcelain-coated grilling grates are incredibly easy to clean, meaning maintenance is as simple as using a cloth and water; a front-facing handle built into the lid is great for portability.

Allowing for zero localized hot or cold spots and facilitating a faster cooking time, the specialized grill grate creates a barrier between your food and the flames, making flare-ups a thing of the past.

An inbuilt, removable warming rack adds a hundred and twenty square inches of additional space without letting food cool down, whilst the lid-mounted temperature gauge offers the user simple heat control.


  • Pull-out grease tray is easily accessible and makes clean-up a breeze
  • Rust-resistant grates are suitable for outdoor usage
  • No need to pay for additional fuel
  • Even cooking for juicy meat every time


  • Requires electricity to power so cannot be used in remote locations without a generator


#3. Char-Broil 463377319 Performance Gas Grill (Runner Up)


A stylish, contemporary addition to any backyard cooking station, Char-Broil is hotting things up with this powerful performance grill, boasting over four hundred and twenty-five square feet in total cooking space.

Four top-ported stainless steel burners allow for precisely controlled, wide-ranging temperature control; a 10,000 BTU side-burner is perfect for prepping sauces and sides, folding away beneath a lid to offer prep space when not in use.

An electronic ignition system allows for an instantaneous, reliable startup at the touch of a button, so you’ll never have to spend the first hour of your barbecues getting angry and covered in ash ever again!

Providing a secondary cooking area to really maximize your space, the swing-away warming area is perfect for toasting buns or keeping dishes warm on a further hundred and fifty square feet of space.

Exclusively available to purchase from Amazon, the stainless steel construction will be the envy of your friends and family as it can’t be found anywhere else. You could always tell them where you got it if you were feeling friendly!


  • Two seven inch wheels allow for easy portability
  • Removable grease tray and pan make clean up simple
  • Mounted temperature gauge for monitoring temperature
  • Built-in side shelves from stainless steel – ample working space


  • Propane tank not included with purchase


#4. Char-Broil 463673519 Performance Series 2 Grill (Runner Up)


Looking to awe and impress your friends with a professional experience directly from your own home? Stop the search and check out the 300, our second choice on the list from the Performance series and perhaps their most powerful model yet.

Three hundred square feet of primary cooking takes place on cast iron, porcelain-coated grates; tucked beside it is a further hundred square feet from the swing-away rack, also coated in porcelain.

Reliable startup in seconds is achieved with the electric ignition, but the barbecue itself is built to last years; a stainless steel lid and UFC are both stylish and durable, fitted with a temperature gauge to make monitoring temperature easy and efficient.

A two-burner, 24,000 BRU cabinet gas grill allows for versatile cooking techniques like broiling and searing, heating food quicker than ever before. You can grill up to twenty burgers, whilst still cooking sides and crisping up your buns!

Storage is aplenty, with your propane sitting pretty out of sight beneath the grill, which stands on four casters, two of which can be locked for stability. There’s room for your gas tank and cooking accessories, so everything stays tidy.


  • Portable but sturdy on lockable wheels
  • Easy clean porcelain coating on all grills
  • Side shelving creates plenty of workspace
  • Beautiful, rust-resistant stainless steel design


  • Cover must be purchased separately (or can be bought as a set with the grill)

#5. Char-Broil Classic 360 Gas Grill (Runner Up)


Three burners are better than one or two, proves the Char-Broil 360, featuring three hundred and sixty square feet of cooking space as the name suggests and capable of generating up to thirty thousand BTUs of heat in total.

Flip fifteen burgers at once on the primary cooking area’s porcelain-coated grates, whilst an additional hundred and seventy square feet of space from a swing-away warming rack is great for slides and buns.

Durable, long-lasting performance is achieved from stainless steel in-line burners that also offer a more precise low-to-high heat control system, activated with ease using the Piezo Ignition button system.

Two six-inch wheels increase the grill’s already portable nature for even more mobility, whilst additional metal side shelves offer space to prep, rest, and keep your tools close at hand.

Coated in porcelain for increased durability, the steel grill lid and firebox are constructed to be heavy-duty and able to withstand tougher weather conditions than most outdoor grills.

Simmer your sauces and fry up sumptuous side dishes atop the eight thousand BTU side burner, allowing you to cook everything you need for a barbecue in one sitting – you’ll even get to eat yourself before everything is cooked and cold!


  • Separate burners hit different temperatures for precise cooking
  • Durable and portable for continued outdoor cooking in the elements
  • Enough space to cook for the whole family at once
  • Professional performance from in-line steel burners


  • Liquid propane sold separately


Best Char-Broil Grills Buyer’s Guide

Why Choose The Char-Broil?

Enjoying some classic barbeque food is a pastime beloved by all Americans, from family gatherings on birthdays to a good old fashioned cookout. Grilled food is better for us, too, as it’s a cooking method that puts less fat on your plate.

Standard manual grills are used traditionally, as they’re cheap and easy to pick up, but require much more concentration, with someone needed on standby to man the flames at all times.

Char-Broilers come pre-loaded with plenty of handy features that make the cooking process much easier and more enjoyable; each one offers its own advantages and potential shortfalls, but what should you be looking out for?

Fuel Specifications: Charcoal, propane or natural gas? Each of these fuel sources have been used to power grills from Char-Broil, with different results depending on their individual properties. Which one is right for you, though?

Classic Charcoal

One surefire way to instill that sought after chargrilled barbecue flavor is to use charcoal, a go-to for those who are fond of that authentic smoky taste. Plus, you’ll achieve a much higher maximum temperature overall.Replacement fuel is usually cheaper to pick up than gas; you’ll have no need to mess around with heavy, cumbersome canisters and you’ll save a few dollars as well.If you struggle to get those flames going, you might want to go for a gas grill, as charcoal models are often difficult to light, especially if there’s any leftover ash from the last use.

Au Naturale and Powerful Propane

Creating a powerful duo uniting the gas hobs from your kitchen and the grill bars of a barbecue, gas grills are versatile vessels that are easy to use and come bursting with extra features.Lighting up is no problem at all, so no more manual effort slaving over hot coals (unless you’re into that), as you’ll be ready to go at the turn of the nob, and at cooking temperature in only ten minutes.

Controlling the heat is as simple as adjusting dials to reduce or increase the flow of gas, so you’ll never again face the trauma of serving up and eating blackened burgers, which your guests will definitely thank you for!

Scrubbing away at ashes until you stink of smoke and need a shower is no more! A complete lack of coal makes cleaning as simple as wiping down the grill. God bless gas!

How Many Burners?

Cooking on gas? Most of the grills we’ve listed have multiple burners – and the more there are, the better.

Not only will having more burners provide a wider surface area to ensure your food is evenly and thoroughly cooked, but working together they can generate a higher heat output, so you’ll be eating before you can say, “Who wants ketchup?”

Some of the grills we’ve featured have cooking areas that are split into separate sections, with burners that reach different temperatures, so you can cook multiple dishes at once if you’re a pro multitasker.

It’s Getting Hot In Here…

Speaking of more heat, although the grills that reach the highest temperatures tend to be the most expensive, it’s worth it for the additional cooking power.

Ranging from between twelve thousand and twenty-four thousand BTUs, our list has a range of products to suit all needs. Remember – the higher the temperatures reached, the quicker your food will cook, and the fancier you can get with your cooking techniques. Seared steak, anyone?

Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Do your barbecues tend to be an intimate affair for two, or are the whole family and all of your friends invited to come and eat, too? Maybe you’re looking for a grill to serve food commercially, and size really matters.

If you don’t plan on getting the barbecue out more than a few times over the summer, and there won’t be that many people in attendance, then a smaller grill is just fine, and easier to manage.

If you like to spread out when you cook, prepare plenty of food at once, or you’re cooking to sell, then a larger model will suit your needs better – and there’s some really big ones!

Hoods, Griddles And Side Burners – Oh My!

All of the grills we’ve listed feature a hood, which might sound like a simple addition, but actually opens up so many cooking doors for you, allowing you to use your barbecue to roast and bake, as well as grilling.

Side burners are great for preparing your side dishes, a handy spot to boil up your veggies and simmer your sauces, whilst griddles can be used to fry – imagine your next barbecue, and now add eggs and bacon to it. You’re welcome.

Other Accessories

The fanciest, most well-thought out grills may also feature side tables or tool hooks, great for keeping your utensils and condiments to hand, as well as somewhere to rest your food before you cook it.

Real luxury is a flavor enhancer, and the classiest of Char-Broils feature lava rocks or favorite bars to help recreate that smoky, charcoal taste and smell we know and love, whilst fat drip collectors reduce the potential of flame flare-up and make cleaning a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a Char-Broil grill last for?

Although it’s difficult to provide an exact timeframe, as the lifetime of your grill depends mostly on how well you maintain it yourself, whilst the average American throws theirs away after three years, a grill can function highly for up to ten.

Most Char-Broil grills have a five year warranty on their commercial quality burners.

From this, we can estimate that you can expect your grill to work properly for at least five years before replacement or repair might need to happen.

As we said, though, so long as you care for your grill properly and follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions, there’s no reason why it won’t make it to a decade of cooking, if not more!

Are more expensive grills worth it?

Typically, the more expensive a grill is, the more firepower it will come equipped with. The hotter a burner can get in BTUs, the quicker it will be able to cook your food, and the more precisely it will do so.

If you are going to be cooking for larger groups of people, or you want to get creative with your techniques, then yes, paying more money is worth it for the extra features. If not, a standard grill is fine.

Should you clean your BBQ grill after every use?

After every use, you should at the very least perform a simple grill cleaning – once the grate is cool, but not cold, take a wire grill brush and scrub away any food particles or residue that has become stuck, to avoid it burning up next time you cook.

Every six months, you should perform a more thorough deep clean, but if you are a regular griller, this is more important than if you only cook once or twice a year.

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