Barbecue Trailer Smokers

Barbecue Trailer Smokers

A bbq smoker trailer is a specific type of smoker, built on top of some sort of trailer, to be easily towed behind another vehicle. Most smoker trailers are custom built for competitive barbecue teams, mobile businesses and catering services. There are some companies that build smaller trailer smokers for camping and tailgating, but the majority are large scale.

These trailers come in a variety of styles and designs, and each one is built to the specifications of the buyer. Because they are so many types of designs, and thousands of companies who design them, this will be a brief summary of a few types of the more popular smoker trailers.

The Different Types of Barbecue Trailer Smokers

  • Competition trailers
  • Catering trailers
  • Mobile businesses
  • Tailgating and camping

Competition Trailers

These trailers are built in so many various styles and sizes. Many are customized to reflect the style and logos of the competition team purchasing it. The majority of competition trailers are barrel type smokers, usually with a large, side, firebox.

These smokers are usually heated with a combination of charcoal and the chosen aromatic woods used to smoke the meat. Many of these trailers come large enough to handle large quantities of meat including whole hogs and several racks of ribs.

Catering Trailers

Custom catering trailers are very different from competition trailers. They are usually built as a fully enclosed building, with service windows, refrigeration units, and sinks. They will also contain fresh water tanks, fluorescent lighting, and many have heating and air conditioning since it’s an enclosed space. They are built and designed for catering companies to be mobile and prepare their barbecue on site. They most resemble a food truck, but are pulled behind another vehicle and not independently driven.

Mobile Businesses

The mobile business trailers are similar to the catering trailers. Many of them have buildings on top of the trailer but the smoker is usually outside of the building, where the catering trailer is all enclosed. Most business trailers are set up for a company to park in a set location for the day and sell their product. Some have water and electricity but many do not. The building is set up more for storage and less like a kitchen. They are a little more cost effective than a catering trailer. Many businesses like the outside smoker as it keeps the smoke out of the building but it also sends that great aroma associated with smoking barbecue throughout the air. This attracts potential customers in the area.

Tailgating and Camping

So many amateur barbecue cooks prefer smoking meats instead of just grilling. In order to have a proper sized smoker which can be brought on camping trips and for tailgating sporting events, the smoker needs to be built on a trailer. While these smokers are much smaller than the other types, they still have plenty of cooking surfaces to prepare tons of food for several people. These types of trailers are becoming widely popular. These smaller, more cost-efficient trailers are also great for cooks who want to get into competition barbecuing, but want to smart small.

While there is a bbq smoker trailer out there for everyone, sometimes finding the right one can be difficult. The good news is most custom builders will work with you until all your needs are met. You may be a professional bbq chef, looking to enter competitions. You may also be looking for a trailer you can cater from or run a business out of. These are all viable options and you can find smoker trailers that will fit those needs.

If you’re just a weekend barbecue fan, who loves cooking for their friends or a cook just starting into competitions, they are smaller, cheaper models you can purchase. Whatever your skill level or desire in the realm of barbecue smoking, rest assured there are custom builders who can help you along the way.

Worst case scenario, fix a portable grill with a hitch grill station to your vehicle and you can start grilling everywhere you go.

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